Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Longest Blog Ever(Me and Ex Real Worlders)

8:40 I decided that I would go to Element by myself since none of my friends wanted to go with me. They thought I was crazy for wanting to meet ex-Real Worlders, but I could care less. There was nobody there yet and I kinda felt like an idiot....until I walked into Rainbow Cattle Co. and found out that they had 1.75 drinks, so u know me... I talked to some lesbians and avoided all the old queens that were trying to pick me up. 9:15 I decided to go over to Element with a damn good buzz going, I didn't want to be a drunken fool whenever I met Coral(who was really the only person I wanted to meet) and there was nobody there, it was kind of disapointing. So I sat there by myself and smoked, after awhile I noticed this girl sitting there by herself too. And you know me and how I can talk to just about anyone, so I approached her and was amazed to find out that it was Lucy a fellow poster on I posted Lucy's Real World Austin experience awhile back remember? So she and I talked and we kept looking at the door for the former cast members, when they finally did enter the club I think that she and I were the only ones who noticed, we were like avid was insane. As soon as they walked in, she and I jumped out of our seats and headed towards there direction, but damn it they were in the VIP area!!! 10:50 Lucy and I had tried every way possible to see the former castmembers but nothing was working. Then some random guy told Lucy that it was 10 bucks to get into the VIP area and she was off. I had to meet RT at 11 and informed Lucy that I would be coming back. 11:20 Went with RT to Charlie's briefly and came back to Element, now it was packed and I still dont think people even noticed the ex cast there. Paid my 10 bucks and was completely prepared to meet Coral, I seriously had to center myself for what was going to happen next. So I went into the VIP area and immediately looked for Lucy cause I knew that I was going to need some back up, she told me where Coral was at and I started to walk over towards her. I excused myself around Theo(RW Chicago) and didn't even realize it was him until I realized that he thought I wanted to talk to him and be all crazy fan like, it was funny. As I was walking towards Coral I noticed Rachel(RR Campus Crawl) and Veronica(RR Something), had Lucy take a pic of me with them and then it happened... Me: Exuse me Coral? Coral: Yes? Me: Now I know you don't know me and I have obviously seen you on Tv but I wanted to let you know that I came tonight to specifically meet you. Coral: Awww that's sweet. Me: Can I have your autograph? Coral: Sure(signs the sheet of paper that i brought with a pen that I brought..dork yes I know) Coral: So what's up?(moves her purse from an empty seat), let's talk for a bit. Me: Cool. So I sat down and talked to her for like 30 seconds when Abram(RR Something) came up to her and started talking to her, I said hi to him too, and he was like "Oh dude I'll def remember your name it's cool), then the manager came up stairs and told all the ex cast members that they had to go down stairs. Coral told me not to leave and that she would be back, I was like "Do you think im leaving after this?"-of course I thought this. When she came back she immediately came up to me and we starting talking like we were friends. She asked me if I was drinking and I was like "nah", and she responded with "now you are", she handed me her drink and said "It's a dry martini", I didn't care what it was cause it came from her. I even contemplete taking the glass home with me cause she gave it to me, but that would be way to much. I wanted to let her know that I was going to talk to her like she never had a camera up her ass, and that we had just met at the bar. She thought it was a bad ass idea. So we talked for a long time, about the real world, reality tv(she laughed that I wanted to be on Big Brother) and various other things like her and Abram. The funny thing about the whole situation was that people kept coming up to her and were like "you're coral right?" "can I get a pic?" "Omg you're Coral" and after everytime she kept coming back to talk to me. Lucy and another poster friend of mine Melinda were laughing at this. At one point Abram came up to talk to Coral and asked if I could excuse them for a minute, he was like "Can I borrow her for a sec, **my real name**" and I was like omg he remembered my name!! So while she was talking to Abe, I hung out with lucy, melinda and her husband. It was bad ass cause I just met these people but it was like we had been friends for awhile now(i guess it was because of the message board posting). After awhile I talked to Rachel and Veronica for a bit, gave Rachel a smoke and then made some lesbian joke that she didn't like it. Oh well I wasn't there to talk to her anyways, she was truly a bitch to me after that. Veronica for RR looked like she was on crack, I even commented to her on it. I was like "Veronica girl you are so skinny! Are you on the Mary Kate diet", she laughed and told me I didn't have room to was cute. So when Coral got done with Abe she came back and talked to me(seriously I was in disbelief that she kept coming back to talk to me) and I asked her "Abe is gonna punch me is he?"-A joke in reference to what Abe did on RR, and she repsonded with "No he knows you're gay" and I was all "It's obvious?" and she was like "sweetie". Then she told me that she was sad that Shane(RR Campus Crawl) didn't make it. I had to go to the bathroom and on my way down I ran into Syrus(RW Boston) he was such a ladies man it was crazy. When I came back I noticed Eric(RW New York), I tried talking to him but he was so stand offish(I think I made an ass of myself with him cause I was all "dude where's your jump rope?"), in our conversation he told me he was only there for the $, so I was like aight he's just talking to me cause they're paying him. When Coral came back(crazy huh?) to talk to me I decided to ask her if she was just talking to me cause they were paying her, and she was like "Nah dude your bad ass"-just hearing her say that was awesome. I realized that it was getting late and I still had to meet up with RT at Charlie's, I wanted to leave before I got drunk and made a damn fool of myself. Gave Coral a hug good bye, she gave me a kiss on my cheek and told me it was great meeting me. Abram said the same thing, and I told him, now don't forget my name cause you're gonna be hearing it again. He laughed and was like, I think you would definately make it. 1:00 walked 12 blocks to Charlie's in complete disbelief of what had just happened, had a good buzz going and was ready to party. Now when I got to Charlie's I completely queened out about the whole night. It was absolutely the best night I have had in a very long time. Click Here for Lucy's story about last night and some more pics. The Pics: The Lovely Coral Me, Eric and Abe Me and Coral Rachel, Veronica and me I'm such a gentleman Me and Lucy Lucy and Melinda(Coral and Me in the background) I wasn't gonna burn Veronica I swear Abe and Coral Syrus and Lucy Lucy and Coral Lucy, Theo and Syrus I want to thank Lucy and Melinda for the pics...i was dumbass and didnt take my camera. And last but not least I would like to thank RT and Deonna for helping me with such a great.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I have fans!!

cheshire cat said... In Poland, gay themes in media are still politicaly incorrect. Obviously nobody says it loud, because our country is 'verrrry tolerant. A country without stakes' ( as we used to call it in the Middle Ages ;-) ) An example: when homosexuals wanted to organize a march through Cracow ( one of the biggest city in Poland), they eventually obtained a consent from a local government, but the parade ended, when representatives of a right wing threw stones and eggs at those 'danger human wrecks'.A beautiful prove of tolerancy, isn't it? ---ok i needed to blog something, so this is it. Thank You Cheshire, such a loyal reader :-)

Monday, February 21, 2005

This Friday @ Element

Real World/Road Rules: All Star Party oh you know im gonna be there!!! I can't wait!!!

The So-Gay Sunday.

So apparently last night was the gayest night of sunday television ever. First the Simpson's finally revealed the gay character that would be getting married by Homer(Click here if ya wanna know). Then Desperate Housewives finally revealed who was gay(I had this one figured out in the first 5 minutes of last night's show. Click here if ya wanna know). And last but not least, the lesbian sister to Queer as Folk premiered last night. I honestly like the L Word, even if it does show two women kissing...eww.

Who would have I called?

OK so Paris got her cell phone hacked over the weekend...he he...that's kinda of funny (,2933,148217,00.html) so if I had read about this sooner, who would I have called? definately Andy Roddick-cause he's hot Jermaine Dupri-just to ask how Janet is doing. Christina Aguilera-To ask when her next cd will be coming out. Lindsey Lohan-Cause she is hot. ok im done :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Let's Talk about Denver

Just updated with Three in case some of you are interested in reading about my life in Denver circa 2001. and on a side note: Yesterday was my 4 year coming out anniversary(am I the only one that keeps this in mind?)

Random Nonsense

So I joined netflix yesterday, which is good because I've finally reached a point where I feel(atleast for the time) financially secure to a certian degree. My que is already at 30 and I haven't even recieved my first movie(ya i know Im a dork). I also purchased one these these today...cause well I love Will Wikle.(pssssst...i bought the one where he is wearing white)-This was kind of a complusive purchase and I semi regretted for like 2 minutes but then I thought well it can go with my Marcellas Reynolds autographed pic. I rented this movie the other day. I don't know if I should go into detail about it but most of this movie is based on a "duality of man" theory. There are several references to Superman and even the characters have sides that they choose to show each other and other people...very artistic. I also rented "Home at the end of the world" which I plan on watching tonight but we all know how quickly things can change. .....I'm getting nervous about Adam coming to visit next month :-/

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I hear voices.

Ok well maybe not to that extent but the funniest thing happened to me today. I was calling into Job #2 cause I still don't feel good(damn sinus! or kidneys and liver..whatever), and I accidentally dialed the wrong number... I got the whole "welcome to audix you have reached Go-Go(of course this isnt her real name) and I was like "wtf?!?! I haven't talked to her in months"(she's a coworker of mine at job #2), so i left and lengthy message and she called me back and she was like "The funny thing is I was just thinking that I needed to call you" makes you go 'hmmmm' doesn't it?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I think...

I pregnant! Just kidding, no really I feel sick. I think my body is getting me back for this weekend. Well I have some words you dear body "fuck off, and get well soon cause I gotta work"

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What I'm listening to and such

I burned a new cd today, an excellent cd I might add. The songs fit into my life so well right now, that I thought I would share them with you: 1. Never be the same-Mel C., for the mere fact of how she talks about two friends hooking up and changing things for everyone around them...sounds familiar huh? 2. American Idiot-Green Day, because of this little quote "Well maybe I'm faggot America, I'm not a part of the redneck agenda..." Don't even get me started on this because I could go on forever on this, I just want to get married damn it! Is that so wrong?!?! 3. When I come around-Green Day, mostly because I'm in love with Green Day again. 4. In my Life-The Beatles, I've realized lately that I have done alot in my life(Austin, Fort Worth, Denver, Gambling/Drinking in New Orleans) and the many friends i've made. and like my dad said the other day "Son, you have to realize, you HAVEN'T started living yet".(I love my dad sometimes). 5.If I ain't got you-Alicia Keys, did you see her on the grammys?? 6. Scar Tissue-Red Hot Chili Peppers, well read #4 again and think deeper. 7. Because of you-Kelly Clarkson, So I broke down and bought her cd yesterday as a valentine's day gift to myself and I stumbled across this song "I will not make the same mistakes that you did, Will not let myself cause my heart so much misery. I will not break the way you did, you fell so hard. I've learned the hard way to never let it get that far. Because of you I never walk to far from the sidewalk, because of you I learned to play on the same side so I don't get hurt" It reminds me of my mother...ALOT. and then the line "I learned to play on the same side" reminds me of being gay, and it made me laugh. 8. Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day, well I'm in love with the lead singer and remember this? 9. Can't buy me love-The Beatles, it's the freakin Beatles baby! 10. Karma-Alicia Keys, THE GRAMMYS!!! well that and this. 11. Look what you've done-Jet, actually ex #2 told me about this song, because it fits what ex #1 did so well(read #1 and #10) so I listen to it to remind myself that it's really not worth my time anymore. 12. Algo Está Cambiando-Julieta Venegas, for my non spanish speaking readers it's "Something is Changing" and in the song she talks about how she can feel it changing even though she has yet to see it, it's a very deep and good song. 13.Alguien-Julieta Venegas, I like her I really do and this is just a damn cute song about "someone" 14. Perfect Girl-Sarah Mclachlan,I've written about this before remember? well that's the velvet mix febuary 2005, so now get on your computer, steal music(buy it please), and jam out(and think of me). Also I bought one of these today. Support Hilary in 08'!!!!(God I can only wish) And I had dinner with ex #2(which ex #1 does not like...he he now I get to fuck with him like I fucked with all of the other guys ex #2 has dated since we broke up. If only he would act like a mature adult and talk to me, well now I'm going to show him how ex #2 and I are when we are friends...ya, im a bitch I know.) His roomates liz and lyn gave me a good talking to, about how I've ignored them in all of this and how they are not a part of the drama. I explained that I would have gone to visit them but there was a 2 week visitor that I could not stand to be around. They understood and we exchanged numbers(I'm so glad there isn't this whole 'let's draw the line in the sand' type of thing going on.) he he, i am a bitch because I gave ex #2 tips on what to look for with ex#1 and what alot of his 'warning signs' are(that boy has no idea what he is in for). Things have settled over well with Ex #2, as they always have. Which is good because if I lost ex #2 because of I this, I think I would get really depressed(but not suicidal don't worry, I'm not THAT dramatic). Til next time!

Let's talk about Denver

So I figured it was about time for some self reflection(and an easier way to blog without making everyone feel like it's exploitation. Don't worry all of the names have been changed) Chapter One and Chapter Two are up and ready for anyone to read. Editor's Note: I do not have a degree in Journalism, my grammar sucks. get over it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Grammys 2005

ok so first off...I'm back, yes I have to admit it I knew I couldn't stay away for very long. Second of all, I'm sorry for that nasty little blog earlier(if you missed it, trust me it was nothing). Now moving on... The grammys were yesterday and I must say... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz alicia keys, jamie fox zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tim mcgraw zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz queen latifah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz usher zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the end. This weekend was freaking amazing, beyond amazing completely theraputic. I really needed a break from the day to day 12 hour days, im a slave for the man type of thing. It was really good and I have to thank the Crawfish and Dean for such a great weekend. Ok well I'm sure I will think of something better to blog later...

ok wtf?

OK I had to blog this because I am in utter disbelief at this point.,0,3894245.story?coll=ny-nynews-headlines oh and there's more just google "new strain of hiv" this is some fucking scary ass shit...

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Ok so I've been blogging daily for weeks now and I think it's time for a break (so I can come back with something interesting to talk about). Well I hope you find other forms of entertainment out there, cause I won't be doing it for ya for awhile(I say give me 2 days and I'll be back!!). Ugh I may come back later and vent for a bit...who knows

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fat Tuesday

Completely flew by without me noticing...but don't worry it was an exciting night of The Amazing Race(even though the jerks Freddie and Kendra won)

Leave it to me

So a co worker and I went to the store yesterday with the complete intent of buying something that would occupy our time at work in between calls. I chose a book, mostly because I haven't read in awhile. A very long while. Leave it to me to find this. The only gay book in the store, quite possibly the only Gay thing in the store. I found that amusing. So on my way to work I started reading the book, in the first 72 pages there has been 3 murders, a shooting in a court room. A closeted man having some drama, and a mystery man doing something really really bad. Again I haven't read in awhile and I find it amazing that on a hunch I pick the book up and think "oh cool its about gay people" and now im completely into it.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I have a confession

Has anyone read this?. Well if you haven't its an online petition to get Ashlee Simpson dropped from her record label for lip syncing. Ok well yea she did lip sync but I mean if I got paid millions of dollars to pretend I could sing I would do it in a heartbeat(and trust me I cannot sing). But that's not my confession. Sometimes I act like a 13yr old school girl. Point in case... I'm listening to Britney-Toxic right now. I listened to the entire Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B album on my way to work. I fake my heart beat when I hear DC3's 'Lose my breath' I own 3 Britney Spears albums. Ever heard of A-Teens? How about Scene 23? I vote for American Idols. Ok so you get the point. Well I don't want Ashely gone, in fact I love 'Pieces of Me' LaLa', and Autobiography(if you paying attention, you would have noticed it was under the tile for a while'. And another thing, yes I did contemplate buying Lindsey Lohan's album today. god i need help, someone shoot me, please

Adam is coming

So I have March 16-20 off from work. Adam is supposed to be doing the same thing. The plan is he is going to come down and visit Austin "my way". I really don't know what to expect. And another chapter starts.

You should definately have a plan

Do you ever have random conversations with people? I often find myself in the midst of conversations with random strangers, because I think it's good to know what else is going on in the world, through someone else's eyes. I had one of the interesting conversations yesterday on my way home. I met this guy(who I'll call Sebastian because he looked like a Sebastian), well the conversation started with him asking me what time the bus came, and it quickly led to other topics. Sebastian informed me that he had moved her from Minnesota(he didn't mention what part), and that he had saved up alot of money to move here and play music for a band. I was shocked, because I mean why would someone want to move to Austin to play music? I was also stuck on stupid for like two seconds because Austin is the live music capital of the world. The interesting part of the whole conversation was when Sebastian told me that he would rather die "Piss poor and happy then not lived at all". Which is a bold and true statement. The thing that got me(because I am one for complete randomness in my life, and this is my choice and I can choose where it's headed) was that he should atleast have a plan. I wanted to ask him how long he was going to wait until he got a job, was he ever going to give, and more importantly did he even have the talent? But I couldn't the bus came and the conversation ended. I wonder if I will ever run into him again.

Monday, February 07, 2005

So this is what the blogger is for.

Ok, so I'm not going to job #2 tonight, I have errands to run and with me having to work 5 days straight I need to get this stuff done tonight. So don't worry, I'm coming in tommorow. Also, there isn't a reason another person called in too...its pure coincedence :-)

I think I have a stalker

Now don't think im nuts or anything but something really strange is going on. Evidence #1: Someone posted this, and it didn't come from the person that I thought it did. No one has stood up and said they wrote it, and according from what the person commented they know me. Evidence #2: 2 completely unknown phone numbers have recently popped up on my caller ID, I've called both back but no answer/response. Evidence # 3: 3:00 a.m., saturday night I recieve a phone call from a "John" stating that he knows me and we had met at the club earlier that night. Now I didn't meet anyone from the club on Saturday, and when I called the phone number back it came from a house that had a party the night before. This is where things get interesting, Javier and his peeps, plus Adrian and Luis were all at the same party. They all swear that they didn't call but pointed out the fact that alot of people that we all know were there at the party too. So god knows who made this call to me. It's kinda scary I have to admit but at the same time, I'm kind of intrigued as to why someone would waste their time doing this.

Super Bowl Sunday

So as we all know, the Patriots won yesterday. But let's not forget the most important part of the super bowl(no silly not the commericals) but the world premiere of American Dad(Here's a review). Now if your an avid Family Guy fan then you would have really enjoyed American Dad. The humor was mostly the same(especially the part when God called George W. Bush and asked him to downplay their relationship-It's the same God from Family Guy. Or the part where the dad rigged the election so his daughter would win. Or the part where Stan, the American Dad kidnaps Hilary Duff and makes her have a date with his geeky son, resulting in her death-Just like Family Guy it's completely random). I liked the show and can't wait for it to start airing, because when it airs Family Guy returns and we all know how happy I will be when that happens. P.S. don't waste your time watching Alien Vs. Predator.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


I was sitting here at work being bored and all and I got to thinking, I think that it's so funny how one minute I can be doing one thing and then the next my whole life shifts around and I'm doing something else. Point in case, I was with Mam and SD(artistic creativity at its best) and we were talking about how its great hanging out with each other but we all know that things won't last forever. I don't know if we were making sense or not(of course it was 6 o' clock in the morning and we had all way to many dollar beers). Another example of this shift, is in the recent case of the exes. I don't even see them anymore(two jobs and pain will do that) and I used to see them everyday. I guess that old saying about friends come and go is true. I don't know if any of the above made sense, as you can tell I'm bored and I needed to blog. That is all.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Okay, I soooooo stole this...

Lucyjade an excellent poster over at The Real World: Austin posted this story along with pictures of her encounter with some of the real worlders last night. Now since I don't have anything to blog today, I ask Lucy if I could post her story. So get some popcorn ready, cause it's goooood!!! I go I left my house around 11:30, with only one goal in mind: to see the Real Worlders with my own eyes. After all, so many people have spotted them, it must not be that hard. I know it sounds like silly mission, but I’m a dork anyway…haha After arriving 6th Street, I must have went to 10 different bars before I located them. The street looked pretty busy, considering it’s a weekday night. Aquarium was packed, so was Pig Pug, Dizzy Rooster. Among the others were 311, R-Bar, Maggie Mae, Exodus, and so forth. In Maggie Mae, a guy told me that they were at Spill, so I started heading that way. Spill was extremely crowded. The minute I went in, I saw the camera crew. There was a guy holding camera, another guy holding the fuzzy microphone, and the third guy holding lights. Actually there were probably a bunch of crew in there; I saw this guy with headphones that was messing with an iPod-like machine but for videos. The camera crew was just finishing up filming the blonde hair girl (Lacy?) dancing on top of the bar. She was all over another girl, bumping & grinding & kissing. The guys all around were very excited, hollering and lifting their arms. To my surprise, the camera crew didn’t really film for that long…I thought the camera was in their faces 24/7. The max was about 10 minutes, and then the crew stepped outside of the bar for some fresh air, and then come back again. It’s about a 10-minute increment of filming, then a 15 minute break, then they’ll come back again and start filming another person. Hooked??? Click Here to read more!!(Pictures included!!) and don't worry I'm sure after tonight I'll have something to blog.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I love you Martha

Ok, not really that was a bit of sarcasm, ok that was a whole lot of sarcasm but has anyone else read this or this or maybe even this?? Yes I know you're asking yourself if I have a life, but when I first read the MSN article I was flabbergasted to say the least. I mean how in the hell is Martha Stewart going to run a show like the Apprentice from prison(she gets on in March and filming is to begin shortly thereafter) and what is she going to teach her apprentice, how to have insider tips and not get caught? And now I also wonder, is Martha going to be an even bigger bitch(or bastard...however you look at it)than The Donald?? Well I guess all we'll all find out soon enough. Want to know what's going on with the real world austin?? Well Click here to find out!

Uh...I dunno

Ok due to the recent claim of exploitation made here(also scroll down for my response), i've removed the cast of characters and several other posts that may offended anyone. Cause lord knows I hate to offend people. The thing that gets me is that this person took time to give me a verbal(yet written) bitch slap but didn't have the balls to atleast put their name down, so there I was yesterday with just a hint of guilt over this comment and now i've done gone and deleted stuff that i spent alot of time on. Oh well, I'll just write it again if needed. So from now on, Mr. Anonymous I will refer to people that I have mentioned previously with witty nicknames that I have decided to give them. Hope this satisfies some of your anger.

I need a car(observations from the 27)

Ok, I need to get that previous part out of my system, even though I'm not 100 % sure, I still have my suspicions. With that said let me tell you two things I noticed today on the way to job # 2: -Is it really necessary to argue with the bus driver about the date of a transfer, force him to call the police only to realize 20 minutes later that yes in fact the transfer was wrong. I was almost late to work you asshole, and for this you started my day off to a bad foot. -You know I'm not the poorest person on this earth, in fact I'm very appreciative of what I have. Granted I know what it feels like when the first of the month comes, I've been there so many times and that's a part of my childhood that I am not proud of. That part makes me who I am, so I've learned to deal with in and move on. So I ask this, why would you fight over items, money and other misc. possesions that are obviously worth more than the bond you have with your mother? It's just money, and like some friends money comes and goes. Two different scenarios played out in front of me, and call me an asshole all you wanted but this just pushed my anxiety for a car closer and closer. I can't freakin deal with these people anymore, I NEED MY CD PLAYER BACK!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I can't blog

I wanna blog but I can't not until I find out who sent me that if ur out there comment again with ur name damn it!! on to other things, I have this really good blog I want to write but I can't...


"Lastly, friends should be treasured - not exploited." This was sent to me last night, and now I've started to wonder, am I using this blog to exploit my friends? Because the way I see it I'm not exploiting anyone just writing about my daily life, perhaps I should change some names around. I'll let you know, but until then this is all i have to blog today. "I blog because no one understands when I speak"-Gotta love, Mammie

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Story of Adam

I've been told that I don't blog that much, well people I blog like 8 times a day, but I mean yea whose really paying attention here. So like I said here it's time for the story of Adam. Sit down people, get some popcorn ready because here comes a completely new person to remember in the misdadventures of me... It was mid-November when Adrain had called late on a Saturday night. Now normally I usually set my nightly plans a day or two before hand(call me anal(no pun intended) but I like to make sure I always know what I'm doing or going to be doing.) but that night I had nothing planned but a night in front of the television. Adrain wanted to go out and we hadn't seen each other in months(Since Ralph's Farewell Tour-that he should have stayed on, but let's not rehash this again because let's admit it people i've beaten the dead horse on that one(and no Richard it hasn't been months, it's been two there) Anyways he wanted to go out, so there I was getting ready for a night with Adrain, Luis, Brian(Luis' roomate) and some random girl whose name that I have forgottten. We decided that since we couldn't go anywhere 21+ and with Boyz Cellar closed the only choice we had was Charlie's. Normally I would have been against this but hell it was saturday, and they had 1.50 drinks and you can never beat that. I honestly enjoyed myself alot that night mostly because I was being hit on left and right and it always feels good to get hit on. These two 20 year old boys had the audacity(sp) to try and hit me up for a little menage a trois, and I sadly had to decline(odd huh?). Well I think I was in the back bar at some point talking to my good friend Seth about something or another this hot random past by me, wearing a black shirt with a white dress shirt underneath. You know the look before, where the undershirt comes out of the sweater, its a cute look. Well this guy was about my height, build, hair color and all. He was a total cutie, of course I stared at him while I was talking to Seth and he just smiled back at me. At this point, I told Seth that I would be back because I had someone's number that I needed to get(this was alot easier said than done). So there I was walking back to the dance floor, 'looking' for Adrain and Luis and as soon as I find them, there he is again. He smiled at me everytime I looked back to see if he was checking me out. Luis quickly noticed this and made a HUGE commotion out of it. "Talk to him" he kept telling me but for some reason I was being all nervous and shit. So finally Luis goes and grabs the random and introduces himself to him, and then informs him that I think he's cute. So of course the uncomfortable 'high im in the 3rd grade' type of thing happened but that quickly passed because of course I became humorous. To make myself look even better(don't I always), I was like "wait, let me get some courage" and quickly downed my tequila sour. I was truly nervous people, like palm sweating, heart beating kind of nervous. It was wierd!! We talked for about 45 mins to an hour about nothing and everything and I quickly learned how fucked up my luck is sometimes. He's from Houston and doesn't plan on moving to Austin until this June. Which sucks but oh well. So up until the middle of December him and I talked on the phone for hours about everything and nothing just seeing who the other person was. There was no commitment discussed and it was good to talk to someone new. On the plus side he is very flattering towards me, which of course I like. Well then J came into the picture and all that jazz and he and I lost contact for a brief moment. He called me two weeks ago just to talk, and the next day there I was calling him just to hear his voice and get to talk to him. It's ridiculous I know because this guy lives miles away and it's going to be months before he gets here. But I like talking to him and I really don't know what to expect once he does actually move here. So that's the story of Adam so far, nothing really exciting I know but hey its a blog and that's all that matters.