Saturday, April 30, 2005

I have a confession, part 2

I'm addicted to reality tv. Who said, "Was it your letter to open you stupid bitch!"? That was Dan from the Real World: Maimi. Who said "Stephen a relationship between you and me wouldn't work, cause im a bitch and your gay" That was Irene right before she left the Real World: Seattle, she was then slapped by Stephen. Survivor's first winner? That one's easy, Richard Hatch. Did you know he didn't pay his taxes? Who exactly is Romber? Well that would be Rob and Amber. Rob first aired on Survivor: Marquesas, Amber was from Survivor: Australia. They won Survivor: All Stars as a team and are now conquering The Amazing Race. They are also about to air their marriage on TV. Who has a gnome named Boo? That would be Marcellas, from Big Brother 3. I have an autograph pic from him. Who is Sergio Mora? The current love of my life who is a huge contender, on The Contender. Best Player to never win Survivor? Well that's a tie between Kathy O' Brian and Rob Cesterino. Who said "If Karma is a boomerang, I hope to see you sooner than later"? How could I forget the lovely Will Wikle?!?! from Big Brother 5. With that said, I wish I could get a degree in Reality 101 or something of that sort. My mind has this ability to be filled with an endless capacity of useless knowledge. As someone noted recently, this endless capacity won't be so endless soon, and I shouldn't waste my brain. With that said I've decided it's time for me to return to school and really expand my brain power. Have I mentioned how I've rediscovered a relationship with my lovely sister?

Monday, April 25, 2005

Its a matter of presence, rather than presents.

I got off of work on Saturday in fear of what the night was going to bring. I was have a neurotic brain fart if you will but then...Jaime and Santi went Shopping(Jaime got sidetracked and looked for towels....the least of the worries) Image hosted by That's alot of shopping: Image hosted by And then Santi cooked(and yes I can cook btw) Image hosted by That's some hot wieners. (its a good thing the burnt ones are shown...oh and one of the wieners was aborted... Image hosted by I got my hur did. Image hosted by and then the party started...aye adrain. Image hosted by that's one hot weiner: Image hosted by it's my burfday and i can barely talk Image hosted by Well f' you too...(and Sd's fear of angry lesbians was lifted...thank god for sidney and kelly showing up) Image hosted by I briefly reverted back to st8dom. Image hosted by los jotas tan grandes de el mundo...bobosa and adrain Image hosted by that's one hot weiner. Image hosted by i have no freakin clue. (thats me and my sister and her bf i think but i couldnt really tell ya the truth) Image hosted by oh and then britney and madonna showed up and made out.... Image hosted by The End! Sorry about the quality of the film but there was no light in my apartment and the camera apparently had no flash. Alas it was still a great night...and the begining of another great year in this crazy universe.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Neurotic Brain Farts...Added.

My bestfriend has just joined blogger after months of me beating it into his head: Take a look.... neurotic brain farts You might have read some of this other work: Random Idiocy Tommorow's my long 22...hello 23 :-( Expect a damn good blog coming soon...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Right Between the Eyes

Since I officially detest Ex #1 now more than ever(its not blog worthy trust me) I've decided that this new Garbage song will encourage me to finally rid myself of his exsistence: Don't care what they have to say Why you listening to them anyway Why do you have to give them what they want? They love to watch you as you fall apart Stick it to them like a phoenix rise There's nothing grander than the big surprise They can't hurt you with their sticks and stones About time take them right between the eyes Seek to destroy cause they're scared of you That's why they try to make a fool of you They're so jealous of my pretty star Cause you've got soul inside your shattered heart Stick it to them like a phoenix rise There's nothing grander than the big surprise They can't hurt you with their sticks and stones About time take them right between the eyes And you've been waiting all your life To fly high into somebody else And it's true it's a cruel, cruel world Life's a bitch and then you die my love Don't care what they have to say You shouldn't listen to them anyway Stick it to them like a phoenix rise There's nothing grander than the big surprise They can't hurt you with their sticks and stones About time take them right between the eyes People like to build you up Then they'll stab you in the back like that You know it breaks my heart Can't see you going out like that Stay alive my love Stay alive my love Stay alive my love Stay alive my love Fuck Off Ex #1....Good Riddance you heartless bastard.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

He gave me the Heisman...

So I gave him the finger: Image hosted by yea i met Mike(the Miz) on Friday...I tried to say hi, but oh what the fuck ever. I do like this pic though: Image hosted by Yea Lucy_Jade won a dinner with him and some other guys. Before: (the other girl is my friend Emma) Image hosted by After: Image hosted by Ok thats not what really happened(actually the pics were taken within minutes of each other, I just thought it was funny) Ok so yea Randy(San Diego) was nice the other guys had hoes all over them. I spilt this chicks drink and she got an attitude with me. I was going to be nice and buy her another drink but the ho was well a ho. So I said no bitch, you aint getting shit. She tried to flirt but ummmmm Hello?!?!? The End.

A Mini Update

I'll post more details later(and a very graphic pic) but let's just say this weekend included more ex-Real World cast members, a drunk stupid ho, a certian finger and oh well you know more misadventures.... does it every stop?!?!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Tale of Britney

how can you go from dating him: to making out with her: to doing this: to marrying this and now this: oh did i forget this? Why Britney WHY?!?!

A good Quote

" Bearing your solitude more heavily than usual. But if then you notice that it is great, rejoice because of this; for what (ask yourself) would solitude be that had no greatness; there is but one solitude, and that is great, and not easy to bear, and almost everybody come hours of intercourse, however banal and cheap, for the semblance of what some slight accord with the first comer, with the unworthiest...But perhaps those are the very hours when solitude grows; for its growing is painful as the growing of boys and sad as the begining of springtimes. But that must not mislead you. The necessary thing is after all but this: solitude, great inner solitude." ~Ranier Rilke

Friday, April 08, 2005

6th and Congress

I'm sitting here staring through the glass window facing 6th street. The sun is about to go down and the city lights will soon come on. The Frost Tower which is a little more than a football field away from me will shine as brightly as a night lit owl or a glacier from deep in the Atlantic(depending on who you ask). This street will soon be filled with people of than the business types that occupy the worn pavement during the day. Young types will soon fill these busy downtown streets. Their way of thinking is what causes this city to stay so beautiful, creative and energetic. Everyone has their own lives and no one seems to mind. The breeders will venture to their water holes that are located just a few short blocks from where I'm sitting. They will play their normal mating ritual game. You know the one where you get drunk and talk to strangers and try to find someone, anyone to go home with at the end of the night. Just two blocks south of here is where the real party will be. The free spirits that roam this city will come together in peace. They don't fear that same things that those before them have. They live so carelessly in this city, which is another reason that makes this place so great. They play the same mating ritual game of getting drunk and finding anyone, someone to go home with at the end of the night. Yet there are those of us(myself included) that no longer have the need to venture out in search of the night's next feast. There are those of us who know the danger that this sort of behavior brings. Not only emotional, but physical and mental. There are those of us who have now shed that skin and just live in peace. Across from me there is this gym, a place that I will probably never explore. Through these doors enter the pretty people, the healthy people who don't poison themselves with alcohol, beer or other things. Well maybe they don't but on a more rare occasion than I. Half that enter and leave that gym are part my kind or part breeder. In this place I'm sure eyes glaze over every muscular piece of flesh in there. Breeder or not, it is none the less enjoyed. Giver or Reciever it still feels good knowing that someone, anyone is looking. Pretty people love this. There is also lifeless forces that too roam this city. Their eyes their own true journal of what they've lived. Their stories may hold some fact or be complete fiction depending on the true mental state of this being. They have fallen so far down, they they may never rise again in their lifetime. There are those of us who live without worry of where our next meal will come from and we merely forget the faces on the street that ask us for change, a smoke or a decent meal. Just as the lifeless being will forget ours once the next stranger approaches. But with lifelessness comes life, in the form of a lifeless being dressed as those of my kind are so famous for dressing, and just as breeder as those who walk the same streets he does. The sun is coming down now, and I must go towards my next adventure.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Real World Austin Sighting

Ok so most of you know that I have yet to have a cast sighting....until today!!! ok so here it goes. I went to the CVS pharmacy downtown to get pictures developed for tommorow's BB casting call but it was closed or some crap. So I decided to wait for the 1 to go south. I get on the bus and see a camera chick and an empty next to were she was standing. So of course I sit down and there is Melinda(Areuala, kelly osbourne... whatever) cept her hair isnt purple anymore its a brownish color and she was sitting next to Lacey, with Johanna sitting behind them reading a magazine. The cameras werent on but I saw what I guess was the producer, So I was digging through my back pack trying to get my damn digital camera to work(its been broken) and then I checked the disposable camera I had to see if it had any film left(it didnt have any), the camera chick kept looking at me waiting for me to do something, then the bus got to 3rd and Congress and the girls got off and the cameras turned on...the boom guy just popped out of now where. Oh yea Johanna had that shirt on the said "I'm not Famous" and all I was thinking was "yet you b**ch" So thats my first encounter with the cast. eta: i meant b**ch in a good way

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Angels in America

As some of you know I've been spending the last five days with some new "friends" Priar, Louise, Harper, Joe, Lou and Roy who have been happily been making me laugh and cry with their trails and tribulations. It's over now and I feel bizarrely(is that a word?) empty. Their tale is done, well not really done but the fragment of their lives that I was allowed to see is over. I felt the most emotion for Prair and I'd like to share his last quote in the movie: "The fountain is not flowing now, they turn it off in the winter. Ice in the Pipes. But in the Summer, its a sight to see. I Wanda be around to see it, I plan to be. This disease will be the end to many of us, but not nearly all. And the dead will commemorate, and we'll struggle along with the living. We won't die silent deaths anymore, the world only spins forward. We will be citizens, the time has come." There is also a scene where Harper, is leaving New York city and flying to San Fransico(The city that is supposed to be what Heaven is modeled after), her quote really got to me too: "In this world... Nothing last forever. ...There's a kind of painful progress, Longing for what we've left behind, and Dreaming ahead." I recommend that everyone see this film....but dedicate 6 hours to it.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

im fat

So last night ex #2 called me cause it was a mutual friend's 22nd(yea right) birthday party. Here are some of the highlights: ~"Str8" boy who has just left his girlfriend is hanging around a bunch of str8 is he? ~I was leaning on a kitchen table, minding my business and enjoying my drink, I attempt to hop onto the table and then BAM! it split in two. Yes that's right I broke a table. Now those of you that know me know that I weigh like a buck and a I broke the table I don't know. The funny part about the whole story is that my friend Sonny just told me that he was a better bottom than me and I was like "yea whatever" and in my true fashion after I broke the table I told sonny "see this ass can do alot" and then he responded with "I guess so Elsie" ~I flirted with the owner of the table for the remainder of the night so he would forget I broke the table and remember how cute and funny I was. ~I had a pack of 20 birthday candles, and asked the birthday boy if we were supposed to multiply the candles by two for his real age. He told me to go to hell. ~Went to Elysium, which is a very "bizarre do what u want be who you are" kinda place. ~Started Angels in America disk one but I was to drunk to remember what happened, only that Al Pacino reminded me of "The Devil's Advocate"-another film he was in, and I got scared.