Friday, July 29, 2005

Just Cause

1. There hasn't been a single Misadventure this week, not one. nothing. nada. 2. I really don't think you people want to read about my Big Brother Chess Theory. 3. Sal called me yesterday, said he was planning on stopping by. I honestly think this kid is a bit looney. But hey that's just me. 4. Some people called me slutty and apparently I wrote a book. 5. Maybe I should write a book. 6. I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw, minus the shoes.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Long story short...

I went to a Shotgun wedding like one Mrs. Britney TimberlakeSpearsFerderline, and wound up getting the bestman's phone number(I honestly don't know how I get myself involved in situations like this, I really don't). Well I hung out with him briefly on Friday night and he wants to hang out tommorow. Which is cool and what-not, one tiny problem, he wishes his boyfriend was hot like me... Out. Things in the Big Brother house sure are heating up. The recent HoH Kaysar has completely turned the house on it's head and now has control of a very powerful alliance of 6. But as we have learned in previous seasons, someone will always flip there alliance around once they come into power. Don't forget to watch Big Brother 6 tommorow at 8pm. Homonucleousbootliceous aka Jaime has updated finally. I wish there was more but you know how it is sometimes...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hi, I like being single.

Well Sal and are officially over. That last longer than most relationships I've recently been involved in. What would say that was a week? Or two give or take a few days, and lost weekends. Well I'm glad I didn't put out because like Nehemiah(you know the token black guy on 'The Real World: Austin) says, 'I don't just give this to anyone'. This week by itself has been pretty calm. Jaime and Co. are back in California, check out his 'Hi-what-us?' post in his blog, I absolutely love the pun Jaime! Granted it did take me like ten minutes to actually get it. Oh me and my blonde moments. I've also come into the posession of something really interesting as of yesterday. Well He came over and we began yet another discussion about sexuality. He took this little black book out and I instanly became fixated on it. Come to find out it was a journal of his so I could "fully understand" where he was coming from. Well since I figured the only way I could get my point across was to hand over my journal. Ladies and Gentlemen calm down, everything in my journal he probably knows about and the stuff he doesn't know about, oh well who is he to judge me. And who am I to judge him for that matter, because trust me this journal is one of the hardest pieces of literature that I have ever read. This should get interesting since I'm disecting it bit by bit. And now for the reality news department(The real and true reason you keep coming back): So how about that fight this past tuesday on Big Brother? I personally thought they were going to play it down, but it was pretty intense. For the non-internet users, Eric actually threw a chair at Michael. And when Kaysar 'got all up' in Ivette's face he also threw a bottle of water. Spoiler info ahead: -Kaysar and Janelle have now outed themselves to each other about the pairs. Seeing as they are now technically playing the game alone, this is a good idea. Howie is a part of their plan since they think he doesn't have a pair. Good for Howie, I kinda like him in an non-sexual Howie kind of way. It would be nice to see him, Rachel, Kaysar and Jannelle in the final four(My final four is going to change 2 more times this season, just watch) -I think one of the Gold Room safes is about to be opened. Kaysar used the compass and some numbers he found around the house that led him straight to the gold room and a lamp that has no light bulb. Him and Michael have pretty much turned the room upside down and still nothing. -The others are starting to think that they can use either Kaysar and Janelle in their plans to get rid of the other pairs. This is going to play out very well seeing as Janelle and Kaysar have now both gone from pawns to a King and Queen in just two weeks. -Now I personally love this season, almost as much as season 3. Granted Beau is no where near Marcellus, this season is still becoming a great season. And do I have this thing on my forehed that says "Hi, I like being single"?

Saturday, July 16, 2005

To little to late. To soon and it's over.

A really good friend of mine left Austin today, he's off for fabulous misadventures in Houston. I'm really going to miss him, and I don't ever think that I told him how much I've appreciated our friendship over the last two years. I may give him a call the next time I'm in Houston. For those of you who don't know, I personally hate Houston. Now I have an excuse to go, well there is always Adam but I haven't heard from that boy in ages. Speaking of immature 22 year olds that like to walk into my life... I have absolutely reached my wits end with Sal. In the course of one week he has gone from completely adorable to a complete inconsiterate jerk. When I try to explain a few reasons about my recent frustrations, this is the response I get "Ok well have fun at the party, I will talk to you later." Excuse me? First, you try and talk condensending towards me, and now your going to completely disregard anything that I have to say? Have you met me? Queen of all that is Bitchy. I'm sorry buddy but I don't deal with worthless crap, and you unfortunately are on a road to worthless crap. Have fun there, everyone else does. I mean ok yes I was a little bit of a bitch(when am I not?) but yea to soon and it's over.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Summer of Reality Television Saturation.

Television has developed a disease this summer, a disease I like to call SURS, there is entirely way to much reality television on tv right now. So much in fact that I am actually going to waste some time to compile a list of the current reality programing, for you ladies and gentlemen: Stripsearch-Ok I will admit I've seen this show a couple of times, I mean come on look at the title! Kept-Gerri Halliwell decides to form a new version of the Spice Girls, called the Spice Boyz(yes with a 'Z'). These boys will have to go through several tests before she picks her....wait wtf am I talking about. This train wreck is actually about Jerri Mathey from Survivor, finding her hit men to off Colby and Tina because she still hasn't gotten over the fact that they booted her. I wish! This is actually a show about Jerri Halliwell, think the Bachelor but ten times as boring. Hogan Knows Best-Well the Hulk has a family now and his daughter wants to be a pop star, and I think I saw this show about 3 years ago when it was called 'The Osbournes' and it was actually funny. Hogan apparently doesn't know best because he agreed to this train wreck. Dancing with Stars-Because apparently the title 'I really wish I could shoot one of these stars' wasn't PC enough, pffft...whatever...Anyone remember the horrid Big Brother rip off 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here!'? Well this one is is worst, the celebrities actually dance...badly. The Cut-I think this show is kind of like the Apprentice but instead fashion mogul(says who?) Tommy Hilfiger is looking for a new designer for his 'hood' wear. Note to CBS: Quit hiring former TV Programmers who were fired by FOX. I want to be a Hilton-Hey there NBC, how ya doin? That's good to hear. Look I have a question for you. Is there any possible way you could make a Hilton? I desperately want to be rich and fabulous and have my ass shown all over the internet with a video taken with(out) my knowledge. Anything you could do would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Rock Star: InXs-The former rock group is looking for a new singer, I'm still looking for the hour I lost watching this flith. You can't really go wrong with Mark Burnett as a producer, you really can't. Ok well you can. I'll forgive you for this one Mark, but you have to do me a HUGE favor. Please bring back 'The Contender' if only to let me see Sergio Mora just one more time. Average Joe: The Joe's Strike Back- Who comes up with these titles? I mean seriously. This is like the worst title ever, because I don't even see the Joes striking back with phasers and light sabers or anything of that sort. I swear if the title for this show next summer is "Average Joe: The Joe Wars" or "Average Joe: Revenge of the Joes" or "Average Joe: The Next Generation" or "Average Joe: Deep Space Joes", I just may hurt someone. Note to NBC: You should have just aired 'The Apprentice: The Revenge of Martha" I'm sure that would have been a ratings blockbuster. The Real Giligan's Island- This is nothing like Gilligan's Island, not a single thing. Ok well I'm lying the castmates or 'castaways' all dress up like the former cast. Honestly this show should have been called, 'The Real Survivor Rip Off'. Hell the host even acts, looks and talks like Jeff Probst. The Surreal Life-Please don't make me repeat myself, just look at the post below, Blow-Up- There's this guy and he owns a salon and the show is really boring and I can't believe I'm actually wasting words on this pathetic piece of crap. the end. The Real World: Austin- This is the altered story of 7 strangers who came to Austin,one of them got beat up on their second night and apparently they only leave the house to go to bars and clubs and act a fool. My city looks great on television, the cast on the other hand is a completely different question. Big Brother- I'm not going to bash one of my favoriate reality shows, I promise. But really don't you think the 'Summer of Santi' sounds a whole lot better than 'Summer of Secrets'? And Howie as dumb as he is, is pretty darn good looking if you ask me. So is Michael, and Jesus F'ing Christ I could have played a better stereotypical homosexual than Beau. Bitterness yet again I know. I will digress. Editor's Note: Wow, I actually spent about 2 hours writing this. Ladies and Gentlemen you better have enjoyed this, or else next time I will write something bad about you. P.S. Justin this one was especially for you, now post the stolen comment!

Monday, July 11, 2005

So Surreal.

What do you get when you combine Steriod addict Jose Conseco, Apprentice bad girl Omarosa, America's Next Top Model's recently dumped co-host Janice Dickerson, Balki from 'Perfect Strangers', an unknown motorcyclist, UK star Caprice, and Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa? One hell of a train wreck. Or circus compared to what the recently redesigned Surreal Life house looks like. I sat down to watch D list stars behaving badly and Omarosa hit it on the money when she was talking about Janice being a bigger drama queen that she was, and if you ask me Omarosa is a hard act to follow. This looks like yet another exciting season of Delebrities acting a damn fool. Delebrities: 1) Former stars who want nothing more to get back in the spotlight so they try to enter the recently popular reality tv franchise. 2) A reality television contestant/cast member who refuses to give up their 15 minutes of fame and continue to appear on such shows as this one or BoNeRs(Battle of the Network Reality Stars, coming soon to Bravo) p.s. I think Janice and Pepa were getting freaky-deaky in the closet.

It's a Wonderful Life

Remember how last week I told ya about Lost Weekends? Well luckily this was not one of them, it was more of a memorable weekend to say the least. Get some tea, sit down, it's gonna be awhile... I woke up early on Thursday because I had a vast amounts of errands to run before the Kelly Clarkson concert. I was seriously so excited, almost as excited as the 3000 high school girls that we at the concert with Jaime, Ric and myself. That's ok though... To all 200 gay men that were also at the concert, I commend you because Kelly truely is an American Idol. Now the entire time before the concert we had no idea where our seats where, much to our surprise as the usher was seating us we found out our seats were front row, center stage. That's right ladies and gentlemen Miss Independent herself was no more than 10 feet away from me singing all of her lovely songs(my favoriate from the entire show was 'Since You've Been Gone', now I know you've heard this song its all over the radio, and if you haven't heard it well that rock you've been living under is seriously depriving of what's going on in the Pop Culture world. After Kelly I went home and sat on my couch in complete preparation for the begining of what appears to be a great season of Big Brother. Here are some of the highlights and favoriates so far: ~Michael and Kaysar are definately a pair, so are Maggie and Eric(did you see that look seh gave him after Janelle went all 'stupid' on him. Howie and Rachel are a pair as well(He gave up HoH for her.). James and Sarah are pairs as well(they are a couple). Janelle and Ashlea are together. April and Jennifer are together and last but not least the super power gay couple Ivette and Beau. Some of the connections I'm not quite sure just yet. ~The secret bedroom has already been discovered, but the gym hasn't. ~The new house is freakin sweet! ~The cast looks like they are going to cause some drama. ~Yes, I'm still bitter that they did not choose me. Tune in every Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8 and Thursdays live eviction at 7. Friday was another errand filled day followed by 'War of the Worlds' with Jenny. All I am going to say is, meh. I hate Tom Cruise and would have much rather gouged my eyes out than sit there for 2 hours watching his tired ass on film. But enough of that. Let's get to Saturday. I woke up around 10 due to a phone call from Bob, he wanted to let me know that our friend Vero was in town. Now Vero is ex#2's bestfriend(it's interesting how all this fits together isn't it?). So there I was spending my Saturday Vero and Lizette without ex#1 or ex#2 in sight(they were together in Austin, avoiding us. Well probably me, who really knows or for that matter cares). Later that evening Sal and I went to see an art exhibit that some of his fellow classmates were in. This truly was an amazing experience. The artwork truly got my wheels spinning and it also allowed me to see Sal in a completely different light. That was of course until he branded me with a hickey the size of Africa. He seemed to think it was funny, even after I explained to him that Ex#1 used to do that to me all the time, and I personally hate them and think they look trashy. He still didn't get the point so yea I'm still upset about that. Yesterday He returned to the picture. He left his number on my door, he's thinking of being gay now, I think. Well honestly that's what I'm assuming seeing as he has dropped out of school and left his girlfriend. I guess I'm going to have to be his friend now. And Lastly, two of my high school friends came into town yesterday and I hung out with them for the majority of the day. It was nice showing them all of my favoriate places in Austin, even though the moaned and complained the entire time. Well that's my weekend in a nutshell, sort of.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bunny Tales

Last year I discovered this, and absolutely love the daily recaps of what was going on in the Big Brother house. Well she is back, and ready to dish more dirt. Check her out in my daily reads section. woo hoo Kelly Clarkson!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Room 101

When I applied for Big Brother back in March, I had this plan to have a friend blog for me while I was gone. Nothing big really just stuff like "hey Santi's in the house, you read it here first." yea know stuff like that. Well damn it, a contestant from this year's cast has me beat. His idea is a little different that mine though, his posts appear to be coming from inside the big brother house. Now I along with several other rabid Big Brother fans don't believe this for a bit. For the following reasons: 1)This is blog is in no relation to 2)If this is true, Big Brother is definately not watching 3) Contradicting posts(one says the producers put a clue in the post, and another says the producers are mad at him for blogging. 4)47 mounted cameras, and a film crew and no one has caught this guy sending secret messages? If Michael is posting maybe it's from Room 101. The posts are quite funny and they are definately building the anticaption for tommorow's first show. For the time being, I'm going to add his blog to my daily reads because if this keeps up during the entire show it will definately make for an interesting Big Brother experience. In related news, the Head of Household blog rumor has turned out to be true. The weekly HoH will be able to keep an online journal of what's going on this house. Also they will be allowed to take digital pictures. Looks like yet another exciting season of Big Brother. Tommorow: Kelly Clarkson baby! But if you can't make it to the concert that's ok. The Pussycat Dolls are going to be at Vicci on 4th, and I can't get their song out of my head.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Lost Weekend(s).

I think it was RT who orginally coined the that term, it stands for the weekends where most of your memory is completely loss due to vast amounts of drinking and partying; usually special occasions. This was one of those weekends. The weekend started on friday night with Justin, Sal and I meeting Jessica at Lucky Lounge on 5th. Now I'm a fan of the warehouse district bars, other than the gay ones but this bar really sucked. The drinks were over priced, the place was crowded and the music was loud and bad. We ended up leaving Jessica at some other bar with some friends of hers and then went over to Oilcan's. Fun times dancing as always. Then Saturday's block party came around. I absolutely love my friends, every single one of them. More than they will possibly ever know, because when we rolled into the party we knew no one. Not a soul. So the 8 of us(RT, SD, Jenny, Rox, Bob, Juan, Emma and myself) just socialized with each other. Now if you've seen my friends you will know that each one is so different from the other, polar opposites if you will. Yet everytime we get around each other, everyone knows how to conversate and be social and have fun. And we did. ALOT. Well everyone except Juan, who was being a hooch. And Emma kept leaving and returning with fancy drinks, because she is good like that. I would explain more about the party, but well yea...lost weekend, its a blur. Yesterday, was a day with my sister. We sat by the pool and talked about our family, the future and pretty much bonded the entire day. Last night was yet another fun night at Rainbow, and then 2 hours of walking around downtown looking for Emma's lost car. I think we both won like 6 Academy Awards for our performance last night. It's also good to know that she and I can yell and scream at each other and then apologize and move on. Today I'm at work until 6 and then it's off to see some fireworks with Sal and possibly the rest of the gang. Other Lost Weekends, that deserve an honorable mention: Halloween Weekend(2 house parties, Saturday night at the club when the clocks went back an hour-an extra hour of drinking) Survivor Weekend, with the Job #2 people(it was Drama, all caught on tape-well some of it) Shangrala(With SD and RT, I don't remember very much) Manwitches(Yet another weekend with RT and SD) And of course there are the weekends where I can't remember very much. Editor's Note: After reading the above, I've decided that Lost Weekends are sometimes good, in a bad way.

What is a Hollaback Girl?

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