Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dear Lord Baby Jesus

Dear Lord Baby Jesus, Now I know it's better to ask questions versus assuming things. I mean atleast I thought that I knew this. I'm freaking 24 years old and well I should know better. For instance, I assume that people think I'm a bitch but I still ask about it every now and then. Now please tell me Lord Baby Jesus, why didn't I ask Adamo if he had a boyfriend when we were talking for over 4 FREAKING hours?!?! I mean I should have known better. I should have freaking known better. With that said, can you please talk to your friend Destiny/Fate and ask them to stop introducing me to guys that will merely waste my time and energy. It's really time consuming and I want something more fulfilling. Something more than a 4 hour conversation where I pathetically get my hopes up only to be disapointed...yet again. This is all I ask. 3 Also, allowing Team Ramrod to have an undefeated season would make me forgive you for the above. That is all. Love Peace and Chicken Grease, ~Santi


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet-P, I ain't going to sit here and say "ya should have made sure he didn't have a boyfriend" shit, 'cuz sometimes ya just gotta go with it! Who knows, this may turn out to be good!! You and Adamo that is!
Just let it ride.......
Anyways, Team Ramrod will be undefeated this season, I can feel it, thank God not where most of you guys may!! Tee hee!! :)
I will definetely come to your games! Time away from here(work) to see some peeps of mine kick some ass.........HELL YEA!!

Love ya sweetie!

9/12/2006 05:18:00 PM  

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