Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Emma has joined Blogger

So yea Emma has a blog now. Which I think is kinda cool cause when we hang out we can write two totally different versions of the night. Loves it. Also I had an interview today. Everything went pretty well, so we shall see.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Bob" got married.

Did you ever have one of those weekends where so much craziness and happiness happened all at once but then you couldn't write about it? Yea I had one of those weekends. "Bob" looked amazing this weekend and I felt so privelged to be a part of her and her man's special moment. I should mention that "Bob" isn't the normal Bob I write about but since Snippy uses the name and her version of the wedding is hilarious, I thought I would join the band wagon. So here's the skinny: Friday- After a long day of job searching I get to the Omni Hotel at 6 to meet "Bob",the family of "Bob", Emmie and Snippy was running late. I must say this is probably one of the nicest families that I ever met. I mean there they were getting hammered with a bunch of twenty somethings and not complaining at all. After the Happy Hour that lasted two days we all went up to the Bride's parents room for some more drinks, and I got an absolutely amazing view. The Bride then decided that she wanted to take her uncle to a gay bar. Oh I should mention her uncle and HER DAD. Yeah, like I said, coolest family ever. Fabric was the first bar we get to and honestly we got that club started. We rolled in screaming and shouting, I mean we had been drinking for two days now. I noticed that the Bride's Dad was taking Yager shots so I offered to introduce him to my good friend Yager Bomb. After that well things get blurry and I woke up on Saturday with a massive headache. Sunday- I spent the entire day at home and watched old TV shows and did absolutely nothing because I wanted to be in good spirits on Sunday. Which I was and luckily I arrived at the wedding right when Emma did so there wasn't this whole, "Where is Emma?" drama. The wedding was absolutely amazing, "Bob"'s dress looked flawless and the last edition of the blue ribbon to match the groom couldn't have been done better. The Pre-wedding reception was also a blast. There Emma, Diego(Emma's bestfriend) and I were getting reaquainted with the new friends we met on Friday and started to fill in some of the blanks where we all went blurry. We also ran into Snippy who had scissors in her hand bag. "What are the scissors for?" I innoncently ask. "In case the Groom's mom gets out of line", Snippy nonchalantly responds "The bitch is crazy" And boy was she right. This woman had a look from hell on her face the entire time. I avoided her at all cost and just enjoyed dinner, and way to many glasses of wine. I was home by 11:30, how? I'm not quite sure. I will try and write more later but alas I must continue the job search.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Good-bye James, you will be missed...kinda.

James Allen was sometimes an asshole to his customers on the phone. James at times would talk at a rate that even Speedy Gonzalez couldn't understand. James for a time had a Texan accent. James hated his job and yet he stuck with it because honestly he was spoiled by the company that he worked for. James was me. He was my pseudonym at work. For 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, 160 hours a month. I was James and oh my dear god, I fucking hated that asshole. Early on at my (former) job I decided to adopt James as my pseudonym because people really cannot pronounce my real name. And trust me most of the idiots that I spoke with wouldn't even be able to spell two letters of my name correctly. On top of that James became a character that I would portray while at work. Many psychologists would have an issue with this, and honestly I probably wouldn't disagree. That all changed as of 5:28 yesterday. I got canned. Yea, them bitches got rid of a great person who would have benefited the company but you know what I don't blame them in the least. I was the author of my own demise. I ain't going to lie, I did it to myself. Well when life hands you lemons, you get a blender and make magaritas. ...Just kidding. When I walked out of that place, I thought to myself 'you know this may not be so bad after all.' But of course the reality of "OH FUCK I NEED TO FIND A NEW JOB" kicked in. I tried not to freak out and called my family immediately alerting them of the news. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I have a vast amount of siblings, who are very resourceful. I have a prospective job, that I will find out about tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers because it involves one of my favorite past times. I found a job for this website. The reason I think I'm good for this job is the following: "Experience Required: -Must have Past Sales Experience(which I do) -Must posesses a knowledge of the Austin GLBT community(Which I have several Networking Connections with) -Must possess a excitment of Austin nightlife and local GLBT community(Hello, my blog)" . That is going to be one of the other 25 prospects if the first option doesn't work. We shall see, but if in like a week I start begging for money. I promise, if you pay me. I blog about whatever the hell you want me to. And trust me I mean ANYTHING. ...And a New Chapter has begun in the TMoM.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A montage.

Retrospective. This past week 6 of my friends graduated from UT(RT, Matthew, Marc, Luis, Adrian, and Arlette). It's quite sad seeing that some of them are going to be leaving soon and it just makes me want to get back into school more and more. All Aboard. I got to Adrian's graduation fashionably late and barely missed them announcing his name by 2 people. It's ok because atleast I showed up. I didn't get to see Luis or Arlette accept their diplomas but they would understand because the only true reason I was there was for Adrian, one of my oldest Austin friend's. Afterwards we all headed out to Lake Austin for a boat/graduation party that Adrian's parents were throwing for him(have I mentioned that I LOVE my friends?). The VIP list included Ex#2, Bob, Laurie(Adrien's bestfriend), Figa, Matt, Marcus, Rodrick, Jon and Geof and Joseph(the newest member of our gang). The boat was freaking amazing and I would post pictures but my freaking cell phone is all jacked up and I really do need a digital camera. I saw this one amazing house where the owner had a freaking helicopter on his back porch(how freaking sweet is that). Ex#2 has this really nice picture of me by the bee caves bridge that I will post on myspace soon, sorry but it takes him forever to do things. Does he not know about the Bitch Switch? Four long hours later we dock the boat and decide to head downtown. But let's get some back story first: Adrian met Rodrick and they were semi-talking but that didn't end well so Ex #2 and Rodrick starting talking. Now in my honest opinion you should date anyone that your friend's have dated but we all know how Ex#2 can be sometimes. Now I have absolutely no emotional feelings for Ex#2 outside the bounds of friendship and it was pulling teeth to get him to admit to me that he was talking to Rodrick(even after I mention Adrian had already told me). He finally did and I was nothing but nice to Rodrick. As we were making our plans to go downtown Joseph asked me to drive and since I was the sober one there(don't even ask why), I said ok. Well I don't know what I missed but now Rodrick was trying to go after Joseph. This boy is a freaking #### if you ask me. Well Laura(who was also going in Joseph's car) noticed this and was having none of it. "Santi, he can't go with us" She says, "We are taking Adrian's cousin and he can't fit. That and I just don't like him". "Ok do you want me to tell him?" I ask. She responds with a yes and I did. Well apparently, this was the wrong thing to do because now everytime I was trying to talk to Ex#2 Rodrick kept pulling him away from our conversations. "Can't you ####### see I am talking to him?!?" I tell Rodrick and he just looks at me. Then as he leaves, I tell Ex#2 "Now I don't know what the #### I did to your little boy but if he doesn't cool this little attitude with me I am going to rip him to shreds." "Don't" Ex #2 says, "he's just a baby". He's twenty. "Baby or not he needs to know not to ####### throw attitude my way. I have been nothing but nice to him and he doesn't need to treat me like that." The issue was dropped until we got to Rain and I was talking to Ex#2 and the ###### cut in between us and had his back to me acting as if I wasn't even there! Bitch Switch Activated. I grabbed him and turned him around so that he could face me. "Look," I say "I don't know what the #### I did wrong to you but you need to calm the #### down with the attitude." He rolled his eyes, He rolled his eyes at MEEEEEEE... "Aight, that's how you want to play you little piece of ####. First of all, you are nothing but a toy to both Adrian and Javier and in less than a month you will be nothing but one of their conquest. You made a huge mistake being mean to me and since you really are so worthless I'm not even going to waste my time paying attention to your attitude" Yes ladies and gentlemen the Queen of all the is Bitchy has spoken. The boy wasn't seen for the rest of the night except for when we were leaving and he was talking to another guy. And honestly did he have a reason to give me attitude? The death of my cell phone. So for reasons that I shall not explain on here I got screwed out of my cell phone. I'm getting a new one this week but when I ran into RJ on Thursday, I had never felt so ghetto in my entire life until that moment. I tried my best to explain the situation but I dont think he'll he saying Hi anytime soon.

Friday, May 12, 2006

BB All Star Update.

Who's thinking about going in? Who has definately said no? Who has a highly likely chance of doing it? Click here to find out!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Arlette. 23, beautiful, recent UT graduate and sometimes not so smart. So we left RCC around 2:30 and we get in Arlette's car and begin to back up when her car dies. "This happens all the time", she says as she tries to start the car again and guess what? yep it died again. "Um...Guys...I think I'm out of gas", She finally says. Emma(I believe) looks at her gas meter and asks, "Arlette how long have you been on E?" "About 3 to 4 days. This never happens", She says. Now I'm not the best driver in the world but driving on E would cause you to run out of gas right? Poor Arlette, bless her.

Monday, May 08, 2006

He said 'Hi'.

This past Sunday, Emma called me and said that she and our mutual friend Arlette wanted to go to RCC with Rome and Luis. I was still tired from rearranging my apartment and the night before. I told Emma that I would get back to her later. So two hours later I get to Luis' and say, "This doesn't mean I'm going it means I'm considering it." "Well," Luis and Emma said, "We ain't going to beg you." Ten minutes we left and I decided not to drink. So there we were dancing our asses off when Arlette grabs me and says, "Santi, look at him he is so cute!!". She pointed this guy out to me who was tall, hispanic, spiky hair and very cute. I looked at the guy and I agreed but I'm not one to go up to anyone. Awhile later we are all standing there drinking and talking to various friends when I notice the looking at me and smiling, I tried to play it very cool. Which I think I did. So after awhile the guy's friend comes up to me and says that the guy thinks I'm cute and wanted to know if I was single. I said yes. So I lost track of the guy for a long time and then we ran into each other in the bathroom while we were washing our hands. I tried to act like I didn't notice him but when I looked up he was smiling at me(which I might add was very cute) and I said, "My name is Santi by the way, I would shake your hand but mine our wet." He laughed and said, "My name is Rj" and just as we started talking his friend walked in and interrupted us. So I walked outside and a few moments later he comes up to me and asks if I wanted to dance, seeing that the rest of the gang was dancing I said why not. Besides if he was a wierdo I would just get my friends to scare him off. So we join the gang and start dancing when he says something in my ear about my friends. I ask him what he said and he responds with, "Oh nothing I just wanted to say 'hi' " I thought it was one of the cutest flirtous things that I have heard in awhile. Needless to say we spent most of the night together which included Rj asking Emma and Arlette what my greatest attribute was: Arlette: His personality. Emma: Besides the fact that he is a slut, his personality. Of course he knew that slutface ho bag Emma was lying about the slut part. We exchanged phone numbers and talked today. We shall see... Oh and a dishonorable mention goes out to my Stalker trying to get my attention last night. Plise. I get it.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Let's Talk about Denver

Six and Seven are up...finally I know. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Big Brother All Stars: Update

Marvin(BB5) has confirmed that he will be in the pool of the top 20 contestants vying for a spot in the House. Roddy(BB3, aka ''The Devil") has also confirmed that he would be in the Top 20. Sadly, David Lane(BB4) won't be in the running because he will be overseas. It would be funny to have both David and Howie(BB7) in the house because they are practically twins! More Updates coming soon!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Amen Sista

Hypocrisy today hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants took to the streets to protest proposed legislation that would make the status of illegal immigrants a crime. i have never been more disgusted with our government and the american people who would support this kind of legislation. sick to my stomach disgusted. Click here to read more...

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Busalogues, volume 2.

So I've finally have another edition of The Busalogues. please hold the applause for after the blog. Ok so I went to go see United 93 on friday, by myself. My friends don't want to see it and that's completely understandable. So on my way to see the film, I had 2 interesting observations... Oh sweetie, It's time to tap the brakes. I get on the 331 and a block later this waiter for the Brick Oven gets on but he forgets .25 cents, I start digging in my pants because I did not want to be late for the film. Luckily for him a 40 woman 'who was obviously a prostitute' decided to pay for him. After the prosti got off the bus (another block later), Brick Oven Guy tells her, "Well that was lazy" Queen Obvious responds with, "I'm tired of walking" she gets up and goes "Bye Steve" Brick Oven Guy's mouth just dropped and he was baffled. Queen Obvious laughs and goes, "You were really drunk the other night" He is now dumbfounded and when Queenie left, he asks me "Did you hear that?" sorta. "Well I was drunk the other night and I was walking around my..." and that's when he got one of those 'I was drunk and I forgot' memories come back and he shouts, "No. God. No. No ." I honestly think he would have been less upset if he found out he slept with a guy cause Queen Obvious was tore up, from the floor up. I think we are all a little bisexual. The movie I must say was intense, I recommend that noone should go see this film alone. When I got on the bus three other people joined me, let's call them Plugs(straight, tattoos and ear plugs. Shaved head. Stocky. Not Cute), Haggie(A plump female, dirty blonde/reddish/blue hair, Goth looking) and Flamer(Obviously gay. Pink shoes. Pink hat. Tight pants. High pitched voice). When they got on the bus, I thought to myself 'Now that's an interesting trio'. 'Three's Company' gone wrong if you will. So during the bus ride, Plugs starts talking about how he saw this guy on the Tyra Banks show and he had this really good face cream. I should mention he was holding Haggie's hand. Run, Haggie, Run! He then goes into this whole conversation with Flamer on how he thinks that every 'guy' is bisexual. I wanted to get up from my seat and say, "You ain't bi you little bitch. Your just greedy!" But alas I digressed. So Plugs went on and on and on about bisexuality and then he asked Flamer if he had any Bi tendencies. I found it kind of odd, that a 'Straight' guy was asking a 'Gay' queen (he wasn't a man, this fool was a fool blown out surgery-is-in-2-months queen) this kind of question. and all I could think of is Run, Haggie, Run! you can applaud now.

Well it's about time...

I'm working on Six, Seven and Eight of this. Give me about 2 weeks. I figure I started the story might as well finish it.