Sunday, November 27, 2005

No Drama.

So this weekend turned out to be a very dramaful weekend. First my friend Harold introduces me to his new girlfriend, who just so happens to know Ex #2's friend Lydia(yes ladies and gentlemen they used to strip together). Then as I was making my plans for Saturday night I called Luis' and discovered that he and Adrain broke up. I was dumbfounded, but honestly they will get back together. They always do. And lastly...*drum roll please* The Exes have broken up! There's a ton more, but sadly I can exploit my friends like that. ;-)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Bitter Table of One.

Luis had this book: Image hosted by
It kinda fits me.
I said kinda.

New Daily Reads Added.

So Thao and I went to high school together. I found her on myspace and have absolutely fallen in love with her blog. She's currently living in London(yes I'm envious).

Another One Bites the Dust.

Have I mentioned that I have ######## as my next door neighbors? Meet Rodrigo. Two weeks ago I went out to Rainbow to meet Adrain and Luis and that gang. I really hadn't planned on going out but I was easily swayed by the fact that Adrain said he would buy me drinks. I'm so easy sometimes I know. So while we were dancing and acting a damn fool, I spot this boy(who I might add was taller than me) and he was dancing with some butch ass #######, I laughed inside a little because the scene was kind of cute and wierd at the same time. The boy must have noticed me looking at because he smiled and kept looking at me. A little later we had another encounter in the bathroom. We were both washing our hands and briefly made eye contact. Me being the non aggressor that I am(yes I said non-aggressor) didn't have the nerve to talk to him or say something. So that was that. Well when I came out of the bathroom, I noticed my neighbor Angel standing at the bar, she grabbed me and gave me a hug and kiss. She could tell that I was a little preoccupied because I was waiting for the boy to come out of the bathroom. When she found out why I was preoccupied she asked me if I knew the boy and I informed her that I didn't. She immediately walked over to the boy and told him that she was going to introduce him to someone. That lucky person was me. We actually hit it off really well and I spent the majority of the night with him. We had a date that following Monday, and Tuesday. He informed me that he was also talking to someone else, which I really didn't care about because I wasn't looking for anything serious. So we have continued to see each other, which was nice. He's 19, hispanic and very cute. Per my normal luck: I called him this past tuesday and the other one answered the phone and started talking #### to me. I really didn't know how to react and I was not in the mood to flip on my bitch switch, so I hung up. And immediately text messaged the following: "You said you had drama, and it's baby drama none the less" He didn't call me back until yesterday, I was busy at the time and I knew what the point of the call was for. So I informed him that he didn't need to explain himself and that I had to go because I was busy. And that was that. Another one bites the dust.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The number one reason...

That I love this city would be the lovely, Lady Frost: Image hosted by Of course that's not the building's real name, it's the Frost Building. I've merely dubbed her Lady Frost. Why you ask, well I'm not really sure it just kind of fit. My friends think I'm obsessed with the building, and they are partly right. For Christmas this year, I've asked Ex #2 to give me the photos he has of the Frost building from Groundbreaking to the final product. I can only wait... Happy Thanksgiving all..

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One right less than most.

When I was 6 we voted in a mock election(it was 1988) the vote didn't count, but we still did what was our right as Americans. I feel as though my voted didn't count for much yesterday. Only that Austin has once again proved to the rest of Texas that they are behind the rest of the world. It saddens me that people believe so strongly that homosexuals are poisoning our society and that marriage needs to be protected. Protected from what I ask? From Britney Spears getting married in Vegas? Or how about that nice little on show "The littlest groom" or even more so "Married by America", in which America matched a groom and his wife via phone lines(they later divorced). This sort of mockery of marriage needs to be protected? My aunt was a very open #######(she died over 5 years ago), she and her wife were happily married(or shall i say living in sin?) for over 23 years. That's longer than my parents were married, that's longer than both of my father's other 2 marriages. That's alot longer than most people's marriages and yet it meant nothing to a society that seems to care nothing about people whose sexual orientation bothers them. This is complete bullshit, the rest of Texas as far as I'm concerned can kiss my Hispanic Gay Ass. This battle if far from over, Congress overturned the Sodomy Law 2 years ago and in due time they will do the same with this idiotic Amendment. I planned to see Gay Marriages legal in my lifetime and if I don't then like those before me I will continue to battle the hate against homosexuals. So I leave you with Priar's final line from 'Angels in America' "We will no longer die silent deaths. The dead will struggle along with the living. Good-bye for now, you are fabulous, each and everyone of you."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Today is the day.

Rather than going on a tangent about today's election, I'll merely lead you here... Let's hope we win this one.

Friday, November 04, 2005

New Section Added

So I was bored and I started searching through the Austin Bloggers link that's near the bottom of my page, since well it's been there forever and I never really acknowledge it. Oddly enough I found a few Austin oriented sites that I liked, so I decided to add them. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A few moons over Austin.

Well those lovely people that are the Ku Klux Klan have decided to come have a rally this weekend at City Hall in favor on the Marriage Ammendment. Unfortunately I have to work so I won't be able to particapate in one of the following two events: All I ask is if you can vote, just vote. As a human being whether I choose to get married or not I would atleast like the choice. It saddens me that the homosexual community is being attacked like this. What saddens me even more is so many people that I know are so apathetic to all of this. So please vote, it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Dumb Drunks.

Well this Halloween weekend was an absolute blast. Luckily it wasn't one of those infamous Lost Weekends I've talked about before but alas it was a great weekend none-the-less. But that's not the point of this post, I want to tell you ladies and gentlemen a joke that will go with the rest of my story(This is by no way shape or form racist/homophobic). What is the difference between a drunk mexican and a gay man? A 12 pack. So there I was on my post-Halloween day off doing my usual choirs around the house, you know washing clothes, mopping floors, scrubing toilets, beating my animals, etc. Well I was coming back up to my apartment(I now live on the 3rd floor), wearing a maroon jacket with a maroon beanie over my hair(it was wrong, so I had to cover it up). Well this drunk guy(can you guess what race?) starting talking to me: Drunk guy: Hola amigo Me: Hola Drunk guy: Estas muy *I'm drunk so this makes no sense in any language* Me: Huh? Drunk guy: Estas muy *I'm drunk so this makes no sense in any language* Me: Yo no sabe mucho espanol. Drunk guy: Ju are very beautiful. Me: Thanks, I guess. I tried to walk away but this fool kept following me, and talking to me in some foriegn language that I know was not Spanish. He kept telling me that I was as pretty as a girl and that he wanted to poke me. Well it's been awhile since ya know, but Jesus do I look that desperate? Hell-Mutha-loving-no. So I let him pay me 50.00 bucks. I'm so keeeeeeeeeeding! I actually proceeded to ignore the idiot until he gave up, and finally left me alone. I guess that old joke is sadly true.