Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Daily Reads Added.

A political blog from a co-worker friend...How nice!! Don't forget to vote on or by November 8th against Proposition 2.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why, I ask Why?!

Dear Assholes who stole my bike: You know my friend SD says that when someone steals something from you it's because they obviously needed it more than you. Now I understand that alot of people in my neighborhood probably need alot of things I have more than I do, but as far is my bike is concerned. That was just a low blow. I mean in case you didn't notice me leaving with my bike daily but that's what I use to get to work. I know I know I should just buy a car, but what would be the point of that? So you could just break my window and take what items I do have in there? And have you seen gas prices lately? Not to mention the fact that I hate driving. So yea I enjoyed having my bike, it got me off my lazy ass and out into the world. Thank you for taking that away from me. And another thing, would you please come pick up the lock you left behind when you stole the bike? I understand that it was cut, and it really has no use for you but I don't want the reminder of how cruel humans can be. And why in the world did you take my roomates bike? Her rim was bent and the tire was flat, that was just plain wrong. Well I guess it's time to buy a new bike. Regards, Santi. P.S. I hope the rims break when you hauling ass downhill, and the tires fall off. But I hope you don't get hurt, no I would never wish that on anyone.

All for Who?

So 4 years ago, I bet my brother that Ms. Janet(if your nasty) didn't have a child with Chico Debarge, my brother being the "all knowing" swears that she did. Well her ex brother in law is claiming she does have an 18 year old daughter, who is being raised by her sister Rebbie. I say it's BS.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some guys, just aren't worth it.

Meet Isiah. Last week I decided to go to one of my favoriate spots downtown, 6th and Congress. While I was sipping my coffee and writing, I met this guy, Isiah. He was cute, and we talked for awhile. During this conversation he mentioned that he didn't like to go out all that much, I thought that was attractive, seeing as how I'm not liking the clubs that much lately. Well we had a date set for Monday, he stood me up. My roomate on the other hand has been wanting to go out alot lately, so I oblige because she's wanting to go to the gay clubs(don't ask me why, ask her). So last night we decided to go see the Amatuer strip contest, I really didn't want to go because I was depressed(blame the weather and being stood up), but after RT slipped me a few Mickeys, I was more than ready to go. So there we were watching the strip show, when none other that Isiah comes out in him skimpys(It wasn't very impressive), so not only does he "not go out" but he "doesn't strip". After the show he came up to me and asked my opinion of his stripping, I lied. He later told me to call him, and I informed him that I had deleted his number since he stood me up, he apologized. So I put his number back into my phone, to be polite. When I walked away I deleted his number, he's not worth it. This city is entirely to small.

Friday, October 07, 2005

What's wrong?

Lately I haven't been able to write. I don't know why, brain farts or what have you. I really don't know. But the Sheryl Crow concert was awesome, and I got to see a great play this past weekend called "Keepin' it Wierd"-it's about Austin and all it's wierdness. I met a boy this past week but I don't think that's going to go anywhere. I'll return soon with tons of misadventures, I just don't know when...