Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Elemantary my dear, Watson.

Last night I had dinner Happy Hour at Sherlock's with "Bob" , Emma, and Snippy. There were two other guys there but they don't really matter because Snippy and "Bob" kept questioning me about the whole 'From Good, to Bad to Worst' blog I wrote about last week. Since Sean hasn't called me back since he hung up on me, I gave the ladies the full unedited, totally unfiltered, uninhibited version. They weren't shocked at all. Over the course of dinner Snippy got a text from her lawyer friend asking her if she wanted to meet a local celebrity. I was honestly hoping for Quita Culpepper or Lance Armstrong but we got Scott Fisher from Fox 7. Not so cute. No personality having. And he's no Jim Spencer(who likes to buy me drinks). The new job is going great and I'm going to see NACHOOOOOOOOOOOO Libre tommorow with Cat, Emma, Snippy and 800 other people I don't know. Have a good hump day.


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