Thursday, June 29, 2006

Oh, Brother

Ok so no more Big Brother posts. The voting is over and now all we have to do is wait and see who goes in. This blog may be a little bit short but check this out... "Bob", "Mr. Bob", Emma and Snippy all hung out last night at the Firehouse Lounge. Half way through the night guess who we ran into? Mr. Sean Little himself. Mr. "I'm only in Austin for a couple of days". Apparently, Sean decided to stay a little bit longer because he had met some boy or some kind of crappy story like that. He stated that he had given himself a 'Hall Pass' to stay in Austin a little longer to look for a job and hang out with this new guy. A 'Hall Pass'? Emma, "Bob", Snippy and I all tried to figure out what the hell this 'Hall Pass' entailed. Did that mean Sean could do whatever he wanted, with whomever he wanted? Regardless of Race, Sex, or Color? I mean who in the freaking world gives themself a 'Hall Pass' or allow someone a 'Hall Pass'. This made absolutely no sense to me. What in the fucking world is a freaking 'Hall Pass'? SERIOUSLY. What. The. Fuck? Mr. Sean Little was all over the place last night and if I didn't know any better I would swear that boy was straight...or Bi even. And with Sean, you just never know...nor do you want to know.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Aye, Mi Columbia.

Sean Little is some piece of work. Literally. So last night Emma, Arlette, Brandon and I all planned a night of dinner and 6th street but that all changed when Sean called and said that he was coming into town for the weekend and we had to go see this band play. Lucky for him everyone agreed to change our plans and went with his. So we go to Mi Columbia and see this really awesome band play. I forget there name but it was some spanish cover band. During the middle of the concert Sean tells me that he slept with the lead singer. IS HE STRAIGHT?!, I ask. no. IS HE MARRIED?!


Does he beat people?!


Thank god.

Afterwards, we all head down to 6th street and end up at the Aquarium. Shots were shared and we all completely forgot that we'd have to get up this morning and deal with bullshit at work, with a hangover. At some point in the night, I'm not quite sure when Arlette points this guy out to Sean and Sean says he thinks the guy is gay. Arlette disagrees and the two of them go back in forth about it the entire night. Well I go to use the ladies' room and Brandon grabs me and tells me to go outside becuase Sean and Arlette were going at it. Arlette: You were hitting on him! Sean: No I wasn't!! Emma: Arlette, he wasn't Arlette: Stay out of this! Me: What-the-fuck-just-happened? Apparently, Sean hit on the guy that Arlette liked and drama ensued. According to Emma Sean was innocent. And I have to agree with Emma since I was in the bathroom and have no fucking idea what just happened. The night wasn't a complete bust because I learned some new info about Brandon and I'm sure Sean and Arlette will make up. Or the fuckers better because we have plans on Sunday. A Sidenote for Cat and Snippy: Sean isn't who you think he is.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Alright America Get to Voting

We only have one week to vote, so here are the top 20: Allison Bunky Dana Danielle Diane Erika George Howie Ivette James Janelle Jase Kaysar Lisa Marcellas Cowboy Mike"Boogie" Monica Nakomis Will Ok so here's what you do. Click the name vote, refresh and vote again. Notice that some All-Stars don't have links? Well that's because I don't want them to be voted for. I mean seriously. Cowboy? An All Star? Oh and the All Stars with Red are the ones I really want in the house! Get to voting!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

3 out of 20 aint bad.

Ok so I have confirmation that 3 people are in the final 20 for tonight's Big Brother Casting Special. Mike Malin posted a message on his website, allowing fans to figure out that Dr. Will is also in the running. (Fyi: since I checked it earlier, the site has now gone down. CBS must really want this to be a secret.) And James posted a message on Myspace that read: I've been getting so many supportive, and a couple not so supportive; messages, comments and banners from everyone that it was becoming impossible to thank each person. So... I'm taking the easy way right now while I prepare for tonight. I want to thank all you guys and girls for supporting me and rooting for me to be on the All Stars List. All we can do now is just wait and see, of course if I am... vote your asses off. James But my burning question is...What about Marcellas? His site says nothing. I can't wait until tonight.

Sean Little strikes back.

I knew it was only a matter of time before I got some kind of scathing email or comment from Sean. The following is an email he sent me yesterday. Santi, You know we have been friends for awhile now and I really don’t appreciate you talking about my relationship with Mike the way you did. You don’t understand how things where with us and your opinion was very one sided. I was so hurt and that’s why I hung up on you when I was telling you about Roger. Speaking of which, I’m not talking to him anymore. I’m tired of getting messages on myspace asking if I want to hook-up for a nooner. Seriously, does his wife ever check that thing? Listen you can write about me all you want just make sure there is a slight amount of validity. Sean Well I’m glad he didn’t threaten to sue for liable or something like that. I wrote him back and we have since called a truce. Sean is such a CHARACTER how could I not write about him?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's AWWWWWWN...almost.

Ok, so for my 400 Big Brother fans out there. This is your friendly reminder that tommorow at 9/8 central Julie(the Chenbot) will be introducing us to the 20 finalist who we will be able to vote for. Don't miss it!!

On my way to being a Delebrity...

I love me some Emma: The Blog where I apologize to Santi twice I suck at this whole blogging thing :( Sorry Santi since I know you're the only one that reads this. I promise as of today that I will begin to post daily about my lame and lonely interesting, crazy ass life. Vacation was wonderful! It was really good to spend time with my parents and Emilio, amazing how good of a time you can actually manage to have with your family. Although I admit it was mostly three of us making fun of how crazy dorky my Dad is, I guess that's where I get it from. We spent a day at the beach in Tampa and then did the whole Disney World and Universal thing for the rest of time. I have a great tan now :) Click here to read more!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Snippy, I <3 thee.

If you haven't started reading Snippy. You should: Santi, please don’t get mad. June 16th, 2006 I just remembered that Thursday, during our mad night of Habitat for Humanity happy houring and Nacho Libre watching, Santi made some threat of becomming irritated with me if I failed to write anything witty the following day. And, then, ack! I forgot to write anything witty! The horror! The last thing you want is to piss off a gay guy. For real. Please don't be mad at me, Santi. I mean. . . I wasn't mad at you for crushing my soul by telling me Sean slept with the married man with crazy salsa skills that I had a dancing crush on. . . so, we're even, right? *frantically shaking my head to try to make the image go away* So. . . the next to last thing to pissing off a gay guy that you want to do is piss me off. Most of the free world is already aware of this little factoid. Apparently, no one clued Lucky in. I thought I had. I pretty much thought I mentioned it reapeatedly over the years . . . with the whole, "Just don't fuck with me and we'll be fine". Apparently, I wasn't quite clear enough. Click here to read more

I hate men.

SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE FUCK? I think I've been hit with some kind of plague, a fag repellent if you will. Just check this shit out because I swear to god I am about 10 minutes from turning straight. I saw him on Saturday making out with some random boy. I was way cuter than him. Then after seeing that train wreck, I ran into him. Things were ok at first until he turned into a jerk because I wouldn't go home with him. The fucking nerve. Then the night got even better when I ran into him. For once I will give this boy some slack, he did buy me two beers and a shot. And then proceeded to call me 6,000 times. Again, the fucking nerve. Maybe Emma was right about the whole Karma thing coming back to me. I mean I wasn't that bad a couple of weeks ago. I didn't even start THAT situation. But I swear to god if Brennan doesn't call me back soon, I'm turning my lifetime rainbow pass in. I mean my first girlfriend is coming to visit at the end of this month. And I have been known to do the strangest things sometimes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blues on the Green: The first.

So today while I was working I found out that Blue's on the Green started tonight. Now Ex#2 and I went to go see these things a shit load last summer and the summer before. Naturally, he was the first one I called and asked if he wanted to go. It was a date. I also called J-Boo and Joseph but neither of them wanted to go, so that left Ex#2 and I to hang out and bond since we haven't been able to be alone for awhile now. It was nice and relaxing and very 'Austinie' because there were shirtless hippy guys all over the place. It was cute because Ex#2 and I had our sunglasses on while we were checking out guys left and right. Well shortly after Betty Whatsherface started, Matt and Marc showed up along with Joseph and another new edition to the gang Brandon. Brandon is the straight cousin of JAP(see SXSW Insanity). The concert was good and now Ex#2 our on our way to Halcyon for a nightcap...sort of.

It's Elemantary my dear, Watson.

Last night I had dinner Happy Hour at Sherlock's with "Bob" , Emma, and Snippy. There were two other guys there but they don't really matter because Snippy and "Bob" kept questioning me about the whole 'From Good, to Bad to Worst' blog I wrote about last week. Since Sean hasn't called me back since he hung up on me, I gave the ladies the full unedited, totally unfiltered, uninhibited version. They weren't shocked at all. Over the course of dinner Snippy got a text from her lawyer friend asking her if she wanted to meet a local celebrity. I was honestly hoping for Quita Culpepper or Lance Armstrong but we got Scott Fisher from Fox 7. Not so cute. No personality having. And he's no Jim Spencer(who likes to buy me drinks). The new job is going great and I'm going to see NACHOOOOOOOOOOOO Libre tommorow with Cat, Emma, Snippy and 800 other people I don't know. Have a good hump day.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Don't be such a Douche.

So when I was talking to Brennan this past weekend he told me about this site called Dooce.Com that his friend is absolutely addicted to. Seeing that it's another blog I was interested in checking it out. The thing is, Brennan said "Douche" so I assumed the URL was WRONG. So while I was talking to him last night I was like, "Dude you sent me to this crazy ass website". He just laughed and said that I had the spelling wrong. I went ahead and added to my daily reads, here's a quote: The rumor was that the previous owner was a lonely gay man, and he didn’t get along with anyone on the block. He used to call Animal Control on the next-door neighbors any time he saw their cat in his yard, and once left a threatening voicemail that he was going to sue them from the emotional distress he had suffered at the hand of their cat’s poop. Another neighbor told us he used to party when he was in town and that we could probably attribute the towel in our sewer line to one of those raucous nights, because “who knows what happens when those crazy gays start drinking vodka.” I’ll tell you what happens! BEHAVIOR THAT DISRESPECTS THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE. Because crazy gay drunks? SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT THAN CRAZY STRAIGHT DRUNKS. Check it out. Also, I got a job!!! Well actually 2 job offers in one day. Imagine that! I almost took the first job offer but after I told the lady I had to change my starting date she got all devil bitch with me. I mean I know I'm hard to come by but still. And another thing, what do ya'll think of the new logo?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

He Said ‘Hi’…again.

This city is known for its weirdness and I’m seriously beginning starting to believe that quite possibly this weirdness happens to me. Alot. Maybe it’s the fact that the oddest things happen to me and I am constantly finding myself in some kind of misadventure. This is yet another one of those infamous Misadventures. A Myspace Message dated a month ago: ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: anthonee Date: May 7, 2006 8:30 AM honey, there is this boy that works at the Wally World on Slaughter, he’s a cashier supervisor... and he reminds me soooooooooooo much of you, he’s like really tall and thin like you, and Hispanic, and omg, ya'll could totally be brothers because he’s a big ole fag, I swear ya'll are twins, but he has lots of attitude... even more then you, lol.. jk ... but anyway, he'd be cute if he wasn’t such a snobby little bitch, hehe... anyway, you should go see him, get the digits, lol. I didn’t respond because I find it hard to believe that there is someone out there bitchier than me. Well today I went for a second interview with another insurance company and I decided after the interview that I needed to get the ever demanding DC some cat food. So I went to Wally World and while I was taking a drink from the water fountain (it is still spring right?). I hear, “Hi” from behind me. I turn around and there he is, Rj himself. I had to nearly wipe the remaining water off of my mouth and pull some kind of sentence together but before I could, he says, “Wow. You look hot” And I respond with, “It’s for an interview I just had. Did I not look hot when you met me?” “Yea you did but now…wow” He says, ever so stunned. I kind of blushed but of course I played it off. “Thanks. How have you been?” I ask trying to keep the conversation going. “Good. I work here,” he says. “I can tell,” I say and then tug on his vest. He smiles. “So did you ever get that phone situation fixed?” “Yea finally” I respond and give him my new number and then it dawns on me. “Do you know Anthonee?” “Yea,” He responds “Why?” “This is so f ucking funny but he sent me a message about you on Myspace about a month ago. Before we met” He looks at me stunned and then smiles, “Now that’s funny” “Isn’t it though?” “Well look”, he says “I gotta get back to work but I’ll call you later” and then he leaves. I stand there for a second in a state of confusion; I mean seriously how is it that I knew about someone that I would later randomly meet? Also, what did this all mean? Not to mention Brennan, who I plan to see on Saturday. And would I date a guy who works for Wally World? Considering my current unemployment status, one may never know. Seriously my friends things in this lovely city of Austin, are truly in fact… Weird.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Remind me why I came again?

Austin is sometimes a magical place where fairies dance all over and just make the world a happier place. Oddly enough. I didn't see any of that this past weekend. It was the annual "Biker Rally/Pride Parade" Weekend and my friend Jay-rod invited me out to join him and some friends for a few drinks before the parade. I was supposed to me Gudpackage out but since I don't have a cell phone at the moment that would have been difficult, so I decided to meet up with Jay-rod instead. This is going to get confusing so I will try to break it down for you as simply as possible. I used to work with Jay-rod. Jay-rod's friend from Ohio is Micky Micky is dating Adon. Adon brought his friend Brennan along for the night. Ok, now that that's out of the way, when I met Brennan we immediately hit it off. We were cracking jokes left and right. He's cute, we have alot in common and there wasn't a dull moment the entire night. We exchanged phone numbers but I'd rather not talk about it very much...just yet. Now the parade was bleh. I mean I-wanted-to-gouge-my-eyes-out bleh. As we were waiting for the parade to start(since it was an hour behind) Brennan came up with this idea for a T-Shirt: "Pride 2006: Will you cum already?" Funny, right? Well during the most exciting parade ever! I told Brennan this: "Pride 2006: Remind me why I came again?" Funny again, I know. I'm good. So After about 4 hours of watching the painful parade(and I should mention before anyone gets all pissy on me that yes I am proud to be gay but I'm sorry but seeing Micheal Katz in a freakin car does not make me even more proud to be gay, sorry it just doesn't). Back to my point, after 4 hours of waiting we all head over to Rain at 9 freakin O'clock in the evening. I very very very Rarely do this but hey it's Pride Weekend Pt. 1. Luis showed up around 11 and man was he DRUNK. I actually had to get him into a cab and send him on his merry way because some Fugly was trying to hit on him. Ya know I rarely like using my Bitch Switch but this guy was way to persitant and poor Luis was a tad bit drunk. Adrian showed up later with the Little Queen I have grown to dislike and you know what he did this time? He has Joseph tell me that Ex#2 is in California. My Response: "Are you seriously telling me that he is in California and that I had no idea about this because we aren't THAT close of friends and I NEED to get my information through YOU?" It took all I had to not laugh at him but Adrian wants up to make up and be friends but I'm sorry I gave that boy a chance and he was rude as hell to me. First time, shame on you. Second time, Shame on me. I'm still on the hunt for a job, so I'm off!

Friday, June 02, 2006

From Good, to Bad, To Worst.

I've had two interviews this week. Hopefully somthing will pick up soon. You know I've been thinking, sometimes people just never learn when they are making the same mistake over and over again. It's truly sad but I guess some of us(and I'll admit it first) are the victim of our own demise. Take Sean Little for instance. He finally-Thank-#######-God broke-up with Mike Jair. You would think that maybe just maybe Sean would take his time and wait and date someone in due time. WRONG. Merely two weeks after breaking up with Mike, Sean meets Roger Perez. An accounts executive for some company in South Dallas. "He's so hot Santi", Sean says over the phone, "He has the best build ever and we had sex three times the other night". Whoa. Okay way Too Much Information this early in day Sean, did I tell you I'm looking for a job? He completely ignored my comment and continued with his story, "Yea we have had dinner a couple of times this week and I seriously think his wife has no clue." Pause. Rewind. Slow Motion. His WIFE? "Ok Sean. You've gone from Good to Bad to Worst in my book. I think it's time you tell Mr. Bi guy or whatever the hell he is. Bye." And you know what the ###### did? He hung up on me. The nerve!