Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Bob" got married.

Did you ever have one of those weekends where so much craziness and happiness happened all at once but then you couldn't write about it? Yea I had one of those weekends. "Bob" looked amazing this weekend and I felt so privelged to be a part of her and her man's special moment. I should mention that "Bob" isn't the normal Bob I write about but since Snippy uses the name and her version of the wedding is hilarious, I thought I would join the band wagon. So here's the skinny: Friday- After a long day of job searching I get to the Omni Hotel at 6 to meet "Bob",the family of "Bob", Emmie and Snippy was running late. I must say this is probably one of the nicest families that I ever met. I mean there they were getting hammered with a bunch of twenty somethings and not complaining at all. After the Happy Hour that lasted two days we all went up to the Bride's parents room for some more drinks, and I got an absolutely amazing view. The Bride then decided that she wanted to take her uncle to a gay bar. Oh I should mention her uncle and HER DAD. Yeah, like I said, coolest family ever. Fabric was the first bar we get to and honestly we got that club started. We rolled in screaming and shouting, I mean we had been drinking for two days now. I noticed that the Bride's Dad was taking Yager shots so I offered to introduce him to my good friend Yager Bomb. After that well things get blurry and I woke up on Saturday with a massive headache. Sunday- I spent the entire day at home and watched old TV shows and did absolutely nothing because I wanted to be in good spirits on Sunday. Which I was and luckily I arrived at the wedding right when Emma did so there wasn't this whole, "Where is Emma?" drama. The wedding was absolutely amazing, "Bob"'s dress looked flawless and the last edition of the blue ribbon to match the groom couldn't have been done better. The Pre-wedding reception was also a blast. There Emma, Diego(Emma's bestfriend) and I were getting reaquainted with the new friends we met on Friday and started to fill in some of the blanks where we all went blurry. We also ran into Snippy who had scissors in her hand bag. "What are the scissors for?" I innoncently ask. "In case the Groom's mom gets out of line", Snippy nonchalantly responds "The bitch is crazy" And boy was she right. This woman had a look from hell on her face the entire time. I avoided her at all cost and just enjoyed dinner, and way to many glasses of wine. I was home by 11:30, how? I'm not quite sure. I will try and write more later but alas I must continue the job search.


Anonymous Snippy said...

Are you as anxious as I am to see photos??? I'm almost afraid to see. . . if my foggy memory serves me at all, I was all over you . . . and every other man in the place. Who the hell serves me vodka?!?!

5/30/2006 03:26:00 PM  

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