Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ok wordpress I take it back.

So after uploading Blogger to wordpress it jacked my blog up. So instead of fixing it. I'm just going to go ahead and move over to wordpress. Besides, 'Bob' and Snippy were right. Wordpress is way better! So ladies and gentlemen please join me now at: I'll come back here every now and then to see how things are. Wow, this is wierd. My last post on blogger.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Screw you Wordpress!

I tried to be cool like 'Bob' and Snippy. I thought Wordpress was better than Blogger. I thought it would be easy. I thought it would be a nice change. FUCK THAT SHIT. I uploaded my blogger stuff to Wordpress and what does it do? It doubles all of my freaking posts! Check it out!

Snippy's all up in Chilltown.

I'm not talking about the Chilltown, I'm talking about Snippy Chillin' in my boat about the boy's in a relationship thing. Here's a taste: So, Santi falls in love with boys who are unavailable. Hey! I fall in love with boys who are unavailable! Here's more. She's right, I definitely need to ask questions first. But I am in quite a dilemma. I like this boy, I really like this boy! What am I to do?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Team Ramrod rules the world.

There is a link to the schedule on the right. I better see some constant readers there or else... no blogs.

Dear Lord Baby Jesus

Dear Lord Baby Jesus, Now I know it's better to ask questions versus assuming things. I mean atleast I thought that I knew this. I'm freaking 24 years old and well I should know better. For instance, I assume that people think I'm a bitch but I still ask about it every now and then. Now please tell me Lord Baby Jesus, why didn't I ask Adamo if he had a boyfriend when we were talking for over 4 FREAKING hours?!?! I mean I should have known better. I should have freaking known better. With that said, can you please talk to your friend Destiny/Fate and ask them to stop introducing me to guys that will merely waste my time and energy. It's really time consuming and I want something more fulfilling. Something more than a 4 hour conversation where I pathetically get my hopes up only to be disapointed...yet again. This is all I ask. 3 Also, allowing Team Ramrod to have an undefeated season would make me forgive you for the above. That is all. Love Peace and Chicken Grease, ~Santi

Monday, September 11, 2006

Questions about ACL.

1. Will Walkie-Talkies work like 'Bob' suggested? 2. Nicklecreek or Gnarles Barkley? Or both? 3. Is RT going to go, or should I try and get his ticket on Friday? 4. If that's the case would it be it be wierd to ask Adamo if he would like the ticket? 5. Flag or no Flag? 6. Vodka or Rum in a contraband water bottle? 7. Shirtless or Wifebeater? 8. Tell Emma , 'Bob', Snippy and J-Boo to take their schedules with them so we can cordinate where will all be at certian times? 9. Work 9-1 or take the whole damn day off? 10. Funky Umbrella, Bandana or just a hat? Man, it's hard planning for ACL. Oh and Emma your name is going to be like that so you can remain anonymous. ;-)

I don't even know where to start!

So yesterday was Scrappy's birthday. I haven't seen him since my brother's birthday extravaganza so I was very excited to finally see him. Chase my old roommate and I went to dinner with him and his crazy ass friends and I though the night would end there. Oh no it didn't. Bren got to my house and I had to BEG, I mean BEG her to go out with me. And what does she do? She threatens to kill me. 5 minutes after getting downtown she goes, "Santi, I love you!" Duh. Bitch, I told you that you would have fun. "Wait, didn't you just want to kill me"? "Yea, but I still love you" she goes. I swear when I tell someone they are going to have a good time, they need to listen to me. I never steer people wrong. NEVER. ok, maybe I've been wrong a time or two, or three. After hanging out at Oilcan Harry's for awhile, I drag Brenda to RCC for some good ol' Latino Night dancing. And then IT happened. Now normally when things like this happen, I'm like 'whatever, we'll see' But this time, I'm seriously like crossing my fingers praying to Lord Baby Jesus that this time, maybe just maybe something will good happen. What happened exactly? WELL THIS: I'm outside smoking and this guy walks by me and I'm like, "Wow he looks likes Adamo" You know Adamo, the one that I am absolutely in love with on Degrassi. The guy who will shall so kindly call, Adamo walks by and smiles and then goes inside RCC never to be seen again. So the night continues and I'm talking to Bren and Scrappy about going to another bar when I spot Adamo standing all by himself. What do I do? I start talking to him and I cannot get over the fact that he looks just like Adamo. I mean he looks just like this: Well as we are talking, Adrian runs up to me and says that Rose Mcgowan is at Rain. I'm not that huge of a fan of Rose but my former BFF is and I really wanted to meet her cause we all know I love me some celebrities and delebrities. Well I ended up dragging Adamo along to Rain to meet Rose and then Bren notices the resemblance to Adamo and she starts to call him Marco and tells him how cute he is. I cannot stop looking at the boy, and man I don't even know where to start about how nicely our conversation went. I mean I was up until 4 this morning talking to him. I know, I know I met him at a bar. I also know not to get my hopes up. But could the stars finally aligned and I'll get to date a boy who looks like a TV star I'm in awe with? And is it wrong of me to find this boy even more attractive because he looks like the TV star? What do you think Constant Reader? Also, Let the ACL count begin...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Team Ramrod: Game 1

The Colts? Yea, they ain't got nuthin' on us. Nuf' said: Yea, we go there. The key to our sucess? The move we like to call, 'The Killer....'

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Let's kick some ASSballs!

Tonight is the big game. Go Team Ramrod!!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Emma no longer exist.

I'm serious, she is like totally MIA. There was this one thing that happened last week with this one person who is a Semi-Celebrity(A Delebrity, if you will) and well after that she has been MIA. I mean EVEN her blog is gone. Don't work, she'll come back...with an even sexier La Qwandanisha ;-) GO TEAM RAMROD!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kickball is going to kick my ass.

Reason #1: My legs have been sore for the last 2 days. I don't know why. Someone ventured to guess that I'm not drinking enough water. Well I've been drinking a lot of water and eating a lot healthier with no result in sight. Reason #2: Today was supposed to be the first day of practice. And what happens? Well the weather decided that today it was going to rain. So what do us fellow Ramroders do instead of practice? We drink. ALOT. Reason #3: The first game is this Thursday and I'm not really prepared. So yea my ASS is about to get kicked, majorly .

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The one about THE CHARITY EVENT.

I love, love the fact that Snippy, Emma and 'Bob' have blogs too. Because our stories of the Charity Event are so freaking Different. Here's there version: OK, FINE Open Bars=Early nap for me. And now my version: I get to the event looking very very handsome. Ah? You don't believe me? Well look how HAWT Snippy and I look: I know it makes you go, "Hot Damn!" So I got to mingle and hang out with alot of new and interesting people. I've never felt so fabulous, around so many people. Then I got to meet Bobby Bones and he was so cool in this dorky kind of way. Now mind you I was taking it very slow when it came to the drinking. VERY SLOW. I drank, I ate, then I had another drink ate some more. I was attempting to be on my best behavior for the sake of Snippy's sanity. Which I did in the most part until this happened: And yea well things just got a little crazy after that. I mean ok they got REALLY FREAKING CRAZY. It's so crazy that I can't even talk about it. But I will mention this: Funniest moment of the evening was when Bobby Bones goes, "I just want to thank Sean Little for being the only person that would talk to me" I look at Emma and she looks at me and we instantly have the same thought, "It's cause he wants to sleep with you"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oh that thing we call friendship.

Let's go ahead and start off with this. Did ya read it? Because if you didn't then this entire blog won't make any kind of sense. First, of all Snippy. I am sorry for forgetting about tonight. I really should have known but I've been so bogged down with work it's ridiculous. I mean RIDICULOUS. And on top of that I've have several things to deal with this week. First and foremost today is the 1 year annivesary of my depression starting last year. I never talked about it on here because I never felt the need to. I've gone to therapy and worked the issues out. Granted that some people think that I still need therapy but I will get to that issue in a second. So yea I'm in a good headspace right now but it's just still a constant up hill battle of letting myself know that I can accomplish and do what I know I can. I know that I won't be so negative on myself and actually do something about the depression. Now about the friendships. Let's address ChillTown first. So Will and Boogie are apart of ChillTown and also a part of a bigger group of friends. Lately, there has been a huge dissension in the ranks of these friendships and honestly it's become way to stressful for me. I mean friendships are not supposed to be stressful or involve a whole shit load of baby drama. Because honestly guys that's what it is constant baby drama, fast-forward, rewind and repeat. The only thing is that no one really addresses the issues at the appropriate time. People(myself included) decide to bring the issues up when we are in a more comfortable state and our minds our at ease. This only leads to more baby drama, rinse and repeat. This past weekend I had enough of it. I realized that I am 24 years old and have a whole life ahead of me. There is no need for this drama. Janelle and Erika fully realize this but Boogie and most importantly Will choose to ignore it. Sorry Will but what I said this weekend I fully meant and playing the game of 'I don't remember' won't work with me this time. You've chosen how you would like things to be. You told me, "Unlike you I have no life" and I responded with, "It's not that you don't have a life. It's the way you choose to live it." With that said, I'm done with that friendship for now. Now onto the bestfriend drama. Where to start? I guess you could say we've had this on again off again relationship. And you know what? I will say that I've been very understanding in this friendship because if I really didn't truly care about him, I wouldn't have 1)Let him stay at my house on my birthday because he had a fight with his boyfriend. EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN'T TALK TO ME FOR MONTHS before that. Or the fact that 2) I forgot about two months when I thought he was dead because he decided to ignore everyone because him and his man had huge falling out. I'm a good friend right? I mean he can say the same thing about him being a good friend to me. Which is 150% true. But herein lies the problem: During the second BOTG. He has a huge problem with Ex#2. A huge problem with issues that I have since been over with. Explain to me why, after repeated requests he decides to still bash Ex#2 when he isn't front of Ex#2's bestfriend? Please constant reader explain to me why someone would do that? Then this past friday came around and so did Happy Hour. He asked me what I was doing on Saturday and I told him that I was hanging with J-Boo since it was her birthday. Now you must understand that J-Boo's friends from back home aren't exactly the most homo friendliest group. And you must understand that the bestfriend invited himself before I could even ask J-Boo. Now this isn't the kind of A-list event that Will decided to make it out to be, but I still needed to check with J-Boo because I did, DID NOT want a repeat of How I dropped the New Year's Ball. Now the bestfriend isn't good with groups, which is clearly shown during the BOTG incident so I had to be sure to ask J-Boo first. Then the phone calls started and in the last one it went like this: Me: I haven't talked to J-Boo yet. BF: Maybe she doesn't want you to go. Me: Doubtful, I may have a problem getting you to go. BF: That's fucked up I'll stay home. Then the text messages started: That's fucked up. What? You didn't even let me finish. J-Boo said it was ok, just toned it down. FU and call me when you're back in Therapy.

That was a fucking low blow especially in a fucking text message. I tried not be evil but after awhile I was just pissed. So I wrote back:

Unlike you, I don't need therapy because I know who I am.

And that ended a friendship because I tried to call. I tried to fix things because maybe what I said in the first call came out wrong but no now I'm instantly the bad guy.

This entire week I've been questioning the fact that I'm either a really bad friend or a really forgiving person. I am by no means a saint but I think I'm a pretty damn good friend. I honestly think that what I need to do is started weeding out the bad/negative friendships and concentrate on the positive in my life. Thanks you Snippy because whether you realize it or not, you brought me slightly out of the funk that I was in early today and this week.

And THANK YOU LORD BABY JESUS for finally allowing me to write about what I've been trying to all week.

Tonight: Bobby Bones and The Children's Charity Event sponsored by The Young Execs

Next Week: Kickball, baby!

Three weeks from Now: ACL

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The job that keeps on giving

Today was a very rough day for me work wise. I mean really rough. So yea I started this job less than 3 months ago and my boss quickly realized that she had hired me for a position that I was way to over qualified for. Imagine that. So she started training me as an Assistant Manager so that at some point I could just move to another site that we have. I was fine with that idea plus I was getting a nice raise. You see this is a good thing because I took a huge pay cut from my previous job. So they started training me for this new Assistant Manager position and my trainer was an idiot. Plain and simple, I believe she was on crack. Well she decided to quit one day and the instant my boss found out about this, she offered me the job. Again, another raise. Now I know you're probably thinking, 'How in the world did this happen?'. Well you have to understand the industry I'm in, the company I work for and the fact that I'm a badass. Ok so my boss runs 4 other sites from her office and I have officially become her bitch or as she likes to call it, her right hand man. Now I knew my right hand was good for something or than...nevermind. Well since I'm her bitch assitant I've become very prevy to what's going on at our other sites. People are now calling me with questions instead of her. I'm now doing alot of her work. Which is not a bad thing at all trust me, because she has 4 other sites to run and it is my job as bitch to make sure the job gets done. I love it. Well even after today I love it. I spent well over an hour on the phone with the owner while he was yelling at me. Where's the bitch switch you ask? Well you see even though I wanted to yell at the owner for yelling at me for things that are beyond my control(Having one manager out because of a family emergency and having my boss out due to food poisoning). I didn't. I was so frustrated when the call was done that I wanted to slap someone. Can I get a volunteer? Bren, sit down you got your's for the year. Then he calls back and wants to talk about numbers and profit and blah blah fucking blah. Mind you I kept up with this man the entire time. I was giving him information that I have gathered over the last two months, etc etc. And guess what he was VERY impressed with me. Am I an ass kisser? Absolutely not. Do I tell people what they want to hear sometimes so they will STFU? AbsoFuckingLutely. I'm a bitch I know we've covered this. Well now I'm sitting in the office of another site because the Assistant here had to go because they were filming a scene for 'Friday Night Lights' in her house. Because we all know when Hollywood calls you have to drop whatever you're doing and do what they want. I don't know why I'm bitching cause I would do the same thing. I needed to vent and I did. The end.

Austin ain't that angry.

On the way to BOTG a pedestrian walks in front of J-Boo's car: J-Boo-That fucking idiot! I could have fucking hit him Santi! Me-I know, you should have he's from Mexico anyways.(kidding) After BOTG we are driving to the airport and a car cuts us off: J-Boo-Motherfucker!! I swear to FUCKING GOD that no one in this city can drive. Me-Hence, why I don't drive After the Airport we get off again.: J-Boo-I could have fucking rear-ended that fucking idiot. What the fuck was he thinking? Me(scared for my life)-I Dunno. Apparently J-Boo hasn't read THIS. Austin is rated 81.

Move over Adamo!

I gots a new crush and his name is name is Mario Vasquez. He sings a little song called Gallery. Man, is this guy fine! And I wonder...doesn't he look a little like my boy Adamo?

Blues on the Green: The Fourth and Final.

Well BOTG is over and I must say it ended on a very well note. Double Trouble played or atleast I think that's what there name was. 'Bob' told me it was Stevie Ray Vaughn's band. I was like, 'ok' because honestly I don't to blues on the green for the artist. I go to be with my friends, listen to whatever band is playing and just relax. Yea, that's right I like to relax...Sometimes. Good Times, Good Friends, Good Food. I want to mention that beer is good. Beer is really good. Big Boy likes beer. With that said, I got to J-Boo's yesterday and to my surprise her lovely boyfriend made us dinner. Now not just any dinner but a nice meal of spaghetti , salad and garlic bread. I thought I died and went to Degrassi heaven because this is like my favoriate meal ever. I had this amazing glass of wine that even words can't describe and before I knew it, it was time to head off to BOTG. Snippy, 'Bob' and Mr. Bob showed up shortly after we arrived and we were all talking about the excitement of Team Ramrod's first game. The girls are going to wear pig tails and halter tops. Me, well I'm going to wear really short shorts and tube socks. I am going to look hot. Now I know you're thinking that I'm think that I'm going to look all hot and sexy like I normally do. But no that is not that case, I am going to look hot as in a flaming homosexual. Who cares? The point of kickball is to have fun and that's what I'm going to my Daisy Dukes. So over the course of BOTG, 'Bob and Snippy told me about their recent sacrafice and man did I tease the fuck out of them. All I'm going to say is, "Ladies what time is it?" And I mean I totally wouldn't be able to make the sacrafice they did unless I was married to Mr. Bob. Man if I was married to Mr. Bob I would like totally do whatever he said because that man is THAT fine. After we left BOTG and J-Boo's man at work. J-Boo and I went to go meet up with an old friend, Sarah and her sister. And guess what? They totally had dinner made for us. So I got to eat for the 14th time that day. And guess what else? No they didn't have Jager Bombs but they did make Cosmos and man was I in HEAVEN. I mean who can beat a steak and a Cosmo. No one. With the night ending I said good-bye to BOTG and for the most part my summer. But the true end of the summer is ACL which is less than a month away and I can't freaking wait. Let's hope with my recent torture Snippy won't go and sell the tickets to someone else. If she did that it would drive me to drinking and well we don't want that now do we? Lastly, For those of you wondering what the hell my deal is with mentioning alcohol alot in this Blog. Well the two indivuals involved will get what it means. The rest of you will have to sit and wondering if I've become a raging alcoholic-which by the way I haven't.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where the hell did this summer go?

Seriously, where did the summer go? BOTG: The Fourth and Final, is tonight. On the suggested guest list is: J-Boo and her man, 'Bob' and Snippy. I'm gonna check with Ex#2 to see if he wants to go but it's doubtful since he is so freaking busy with his new job...and his new boyfriend. When I checked my email today I got an email from good ol' Snippy reminding me of BOTG and I was like, 'Wow, it's already coming to the end of the summer.' and then I began to think about the fact that this summer has been so calm and normal compared to last year. Like I mean the only really interesting story I have is about Sean Little and Mr. Married-Guy-Who-Sleeps-With-EVERYONE-Including-Tara-Reid. And the sad thing is, that's not even my story, it's Sean's. This past Summer, Emma and 'Bob' joined Blogger and thank god they did cause now I have more to read. OH and HOW in the WORLD can I forget about the wedding of the century.('Bob' Got Married) Other than that this summer has been pretty freaking dull. I mean I don't have the flare for Big Brother that I used to. I mean this show is so freaking dull...but I still love it and always long as Janey goes all the way. Boring blog? Yes, I know because apparently now I'm boring. WTFEVER BREN.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The weekend round-up

Trace told me that I didn't write enough yesterday so here is this weekend in a jist. Friday: Juan and I went out for Happy Hour. Jaime showed up. Cute boy was checking me out. Had a nice buzz going. Gave him my number. Somehow decided to purchase homemade jager bombs and beer. Went swimming. Got way to drunk. BB and RT showed up. For some random reason, I got up and slapped BB. Fell asleep. Saturday happened. Sunday Went to get lunch at Subway and Juan magically shows up. I suspect he is stalking me or he wanted a free lunch. Watched hours upon hours of Degrassi. I love Adamo, I really do. Trace and Amanda come over for BB. Luis calls cause it's Adrian's Birthday. Meet Adrian, Luis, Ex#2, Bobby, Rigo and Rome at RCC. Feel really old because everyone needs to go home to go to work. Get back home and watch more Degrassi. Sleep and dreamt about ADAMO.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Austin is getting way to small for me.

Ok, it's true the gay community is a small community at that. I just wish that sometimes, just sometimes it wasn't so freaking small. This past Saturday I just wanted to slap someone because of the random coincidences. Things went down like this: Decided to go out with Juan Get to Halcyon and run into Sarah(a friend from Dirty Diana). It was her birthday so it was good to see her out. Then we went to Fabric and ran into Connie, who is Luis' friend from high school and the arch nemesis of my old roomate, Chase. Now if this couldn't get any wierder, we ran into Rox and Oilcan's and she was with a friend of her's. Her soon to be roomate. Now I thought the guy she was moving in with was this guy. Nope wrong. The guy was different client of mine, a client that I thought STRAIGHT. I was dumbfounded. I wanted to slap myself. So I slapped Jaun.