Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blues on the Green: The Fourth and Final.

Well BOTG is over and I must say it ended on a very well note. Double Trouble played or atleast I think that's what there name was. 'Bob' told me it was Stevie Ray Vaughn's band. I was like, 'ok' because honestly I don't to blues on the green for the artist. I go to be with my friends, listen to whatever band is playing and just relax. Yea, that's right I like to relax...Sometimes. Good Times, Good Friends, Good Food. I want to mention that beer is good. Beer is really good. Big Boy likes beer. With that said, I got to J-Boo's yesterday and to my surprise her lovely boyfriend made us dinner. Now not just any dinner but a nice meal of spaghetti , salad and garlic bread. I thought I died and went to Degrassi heaven because this is like my favoriate meal ever. I had this amazing glass of wine that even words can't describe and before I knew it, it was time to head off to BOTG. Snippy, 'Bob' and Mr. Bob showed up shortly after we arrived and we were all talking about the excitement of Team Ramrod's first game. The girls are going to wear pig tails and halter tops. Me, well I'm going to wear really short shorts and tube socks. I am going to look hot. Now I know you're thinking that I'm think that I'm going to look all hot and sexy like I normally do. But no that is not that case, I am going to look hot as in a flaming homosexual. Who cares? The point of kickball is to have fun and that's what I'm going to my Daisy Dukes. So over the course of BOTG, 'Bob and Snippy told me about their recent sacrafice and man did I tease the fuck out of them. All I'm going to say is, "Ladies what time is it?" And I mean I totally wouldn't be able to make the sacrafice they did unless I was married to Mr. Bob. Man if I was married to Mr. Bob I would like totally do whatever he said because that man is THAT fine. After we left BOTG and J-Boo's man at work. J-Boo and I went to go meet up with an old friend, Sarah and her sister. And guess what? They totally had dinner made for us. So I got to eat for the 14th time that day. And guess what else? No they didn't have Jager Bombs but they did make Cosmos and man was I in HEAVEN. I mean who can beat a steak and a Cosmo. No one. With the night ending I said good-bye to BOTG and for the most part my summer. But the true end of the summer is ACL which is less than a month away and I can't freaking wait. Let's hope with my recent torture Snippy won't go and sell the tickets to someone else. If she did that it would drive me to drinking and well we don't want that now do we? Lastly, For those of you wondering what the hell my deal is with mentioning alcohol alot in this Blog. Well the two indivuals involved will get what it means. The rest of you will have to sit and wondering if I've become a raging alcoholic-which by the way I haven't.


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