Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blues on the Green: The Third

Here's The First and Second addition of BOTG. Wasn't it your idea in the first place? After last week's 'Hell Week', I knew that this week was going to be even worst. I have the boss from hell in town. The man pays me so I guess I have to do what he says, like haul ass to the store to find the RIGHT brand of popcorn for him. It's cool though, I don't mind. So 'Bob' emails me on Monday asking me about going and I'm like, "Hell ya I'm going I need something to get me through this week!' So yesterdays comes around and I call 'Bob' like 800 times and I think that's she has to be dead because why else would she miss out on BOTG? Emma, had this really long story to tell me as to why she could go, so when I'm done writing this, I'm going to go read Emma's blog. I better get a long story. I get to BOTG with RayJay, J-Boo, Robbie(her boyfriend). It was so relaxing to finally get there because the walk there was killing me. Seriously people what is the deal with this freaking heat? Shortly, after getting there Snippy shows up and I am so glad because she finally gets to meet J-Boo. Snipps finally got to meet a member of Team Ramrod(or Team Drunkies, as we dubbed it last night). The entire BOTG was really relaxing and it's too bad 'Bob' and Emma didn't go. There were hot men everywhere, one in particular was wearing just his undies. He actually hit Snippy in the head with a Frisbee. Me: Snippy, a Frisbee is coming. Snippy: Like I was saying... Me: Snippy, Frisbee coming... Snippy: Shut up Santi! Like I was saying... Bam! I wanted to laugh but I couldn't.


Anonymous Snippy said...

ROFLMAO. It really was just like that. . . you tried to warn me. ;)

8/10/2006 02:50:00 PM  

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